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Like that or you can just rub has podcast patrons at figure it out that way so we have a common from kirsten mcginnis she says i don't have a question because i gave up on watching but hi mike you actually did a fun podcast with christian his posse hinted i did yes okay hurson and lead up roman and i all sort of sat down to gal pal and talk about the past two seasons of the new version of queer eye yes it was really really fun we talked about just sort of how much obsessed with it and you know how much we love the guys what we really felt about the episode so it was a who yeah and also like just both of them are just queens among people you know they're high above us also yeah for sure it was amazing i haven't watched queer home streak i yep shook because cure me out here me out here meal i cry at ever ole you're going to solve mike was i just don't put myself there it's actually okay but here's the thing i don't cry when i'm happy i cry when i'm like upset or like angry you know like it's like a very personal like upset or angry cry when i cry or like sometimes i'll get a motion at movies but very rarely do i get like happy cry but like mike definitely got emotional every episode that we watch i'm good way and if you love me no it is i just but i like if if i go into something knowing i'm going to cry like i don't want to cry because i spent people don't know i'm going to i know myself an episode or two to watch are like the least cry you know like.

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