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The six, twenty, twenty, I'm Mike Clifford. President trump left Walter Reed medical. Center and return to the White House evening. The new. York Post reports despite almost daily disclosures of new coronavirus infections among trump's close associates. The White House is making little effort to investigate the scope and source of its outbreak according to the post the White House decided not to trace contacts of guests and staff members at the Rose Garden celebration ten days ago for Judge Amy. Conybeare it where at least eight people including the president may have become infective. The post notes the white. House has cuffy centers, Disease Control Prevention, which has governments most extensive knowledge and resources out of the process. It has now been a month since the CDC drafted any victim moratorium under orders from. President trump but are Mike Molin reports eight North Dakota Assistance Group says, there are cases where landlords still might try to vic someone facing a hardship. A moratorium is aimed at protecting renters from being forced from their home after similar measures expired including one under the cares act. If they meet certain criteria, person can't be evicted until the end of the year but Adele page of legal services of North Dakota says they syncing cases where the tenant was facing qualified hardship but minor violations were used as an excuse persons applied for assistance she meets all of the qualifications and the landlords trying to. For excessive dog feces in the yard and alleged damage to a post from a dog she says an inspection of the post in find any damage page attributes this to the guidelines being vague. She says, they should stay only serious violation should be considered in cases where there are still a hardship Mike says for those fighting eviction, one of the key documents needed as a declaration page where a renter can formerly state. There are legitimate reasons for falling behind and they're attempting to secure aid that form can be found on the CDC website. New Data is highlighting the need to strengthen programs that help prevent and respond to domestic violence, and you know report from Ohio domestic. Violence. Network reveals that one hundred nine ohioans died as a result of domestic violence in the year ending June thirtieth a thirty five percent increase from the year before. During the first few months of the cove nineteen pandemic domestic violence fatalities were fourteen percent higher than during the month of two. Nineteen. Joe Simonsen with od vn says this concept of primary source of funding for domestic violence programs the federal crime, Victims Fund was caught by one third state wine while the need is still there and we're actually seeing sort of increases in severity, and some of the cases that we've been hearing about most lately, the dollars have dropped off in, that's going to be significant for our program. Mary Sherman. Reporting. This is P.. M. S.. Estates grapple with financial shortfalls due to the coronavirus pandemic study shows just how much Texas could benefit by expanding Medicaid under the affordable care study. Lead Laura. Dig says at current funding rates Medicaid expansion in Texas could bring in five point, four billion new federal dollars and provide health coverage to nearly one million Texans with little cost to the state dig says the unexpected health. Crisis illustrates while expanding Medicaid could help lower income residents. Medicaid is the kind of program that can make a big difference in it pandemic especially as going forward where hopefully we'll develop better treatments and thinking about how people are going to pay for those things without health insurance people typically forgo preventive care and had to an emergency room when they're sick creating a financial burden. For the state and Taxpayers Research for the study was compiled by the Bush School of Government and Public Service has sponsored by the Episcopal Health Foundation for public service I'm Roz Brown last year a federal judge in Texas. Invalidated the affordable care act of of the law remains in the fact, winning a US Supreme Court ruling advocates for more civil discourse building support for differences. Of Elections called approval voting and they say could boost the fight against climate change in approval voting people are asked to mark all the candidates they approve of rather than just picking one. The one with the most approval votes wins Christine Mohr Shetty is a volunteer with the Center for Election Science. She says, the winter is then the consensus choice rather than the most extreme. In approval voting, you would end up with the choice that most people would accept as opposed to a more radical than small. Really really want which is what can happen right now Suzanne Potter finally Laura Brush Brow Tell them tells us if you're feeling lazy about leaves piling up your property experts say well, you shouldn't even those leads can help environment as well as wildlife according to many conservation groups David Miss a juicy naturals with the National Wildlife Federation he's as leading some lease. Stay on the ground is cost effective since we become a natural fertilizer but also leaves and trash are a big problem leaves according to. The EPA make up about thirteen percent of the solid waste that ends up in Orlando that organic waste, which is what leads are organic material is that breakdown inside the landfill it actually really says, nothing visit ski aunts at methane is a particularly potent greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. He thinks the American habit raking and leaf blowing is tied to the start of suburbia and lawns. Instead, message ski recommends Cultivating Gardens with more natural plants in leaf litter and less lawn space. This also helps wildlife. If you'd like more info go online to NWF Dot Oregon type in the word leaves. This is my clifford public news service. We are remember listener supported great radio stations across.

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