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This is this is about as easy as it can be now and you know that we're those types of conversations happen rather than everybody as a collective unit commiserating on how miserable it is i i hope that we we get to that point sooner rather than later nate and laurie i greatly appreciate y'all time today you generously sharing not just time but your insight it's well appreciate it all right bill problem my pleasure thanks bradley tuesday august seventh harvard medical school martin conference center the voice of healthcare summit incredible one day lineup of expertise and insight and knowledge in this growing area this is a very unique event that we're doing and there's been a lot of excitement around it and and nature lor laurie or la both will be there in addition to boston children's hospital in addition to cigna in addition to emmy solutions which was purchased by wolters kluwer health and several other speakers well boy spot that day i will be there dr terry fisher who leads the podcast lexin candida out of bank hoover will be there just to this exciting array of soaks with incredible knowledge so if you're interested in that we encourage you to go to www bad v as in victor h summit dot com and it's linked in the show as well for this weekend voice season two episode eighteen special edition the voice of healthcare summit thank you for listening and until next time.

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