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They never looked back. They use the long ball today, already three home runs in the first three innings. They got another one from a familiar name in the fifth. Wilmer Flores up. For the third time, Flores hits a drive out to left center field McCutchen tracking it. McCutchen looks up, and it's gone. Another one for Wilmer Flores follows the same kind of home run. It just had so much backspin and carry it kept going. His sixth of the year is second in the game. It's the fourth Giants home run of the game. They lead 6 to 2. First time has been to really productive years for Wilmer Flores with the Giants, but first time that Wilmer has had a multi home run game in a Giants uniform. So Flores, who ended up four for four in the game, put the Giants up even more in the Giants kept extending their lead in the sixth inning. Solano lead off for the double and then Steven Duggar doubled him home. Seven runs across for the Giants. At that point that knocked Zach Eflin out of the game. Howard, the young right hander came in, and he did retire the Giants after that, in the six, But in the seventh, he had all kinds of problems. Couple of base hits, two walks and then a third walk with the bases loaded, plus a wild pitch. Scored a run. So for Howard, it was a rough inning and for the Giants two more runs in their column they lead 92 After 70 In the bottom of the eighth inning, the Giants got more offense revved up this time against David Hale. Two outs. Nobody on And Mauricio Dubon punched a little base hit to Bonds hit gave the Giants a rally. I I don't know if can you hear that? D C Just make sure we're not going off the air here. Mauricio de Obama the base it Brandon Belt, then a ricochet hit on the infield to keep the inning going for Brandon Crawford. Here's the one. Oh, Crawford hits.

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