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All the road we're going on your fact up solid now from about Sheldon that's probably gonna take you thirty forty minutes I'm sweetheart in the Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center it feels like spring time out there this morning and spring like thunderstorms are the concert later on this afternoon and over night tonight a fifty percent chance of showers and storms of this afternoon temperatures in the seventies strong to severe thunderstorms will likely overnight tonight so stay whether aware tonight ideologist Terry Smith from the weather channel it's ME two at the KJRH no school gaming weather center it's nine thirty one our top story one hundred forty five thousand jobs were added last month which is below the what communist had expected the unemployment rate rate to remain the same Arron says it didn't shoot down a Ukrainian airliner despite growing evidence to the contrary servers telling some drivers not to use the front passenger seat because the airbag could explode and starting today text dot will shut down the entrance ramp to the six ten west loop south bound just past west timer that's going to be for two months taking a look at the market the Dow is up sixteen points as M. P. up five points nasdaq up twenty four points and oil down thirty five cents at fifty nine twenty one of their own I'm Marjorie Martin on Houston's news weather and traffic station newsradio seven forty K. tearing each if you are an independent electrical contractor or you want to do business with folks who are you need to be a member of the I. E. C. independent electrical contractors association seven one three eight six nine nineteen seventy six when you call over drop my name I'm friends with all those folks there over the RCC all the time they help us with our job fair they'll help you hire people trained people stay up to date on the laws and codes and all that great organization independent electrical contractors seven one three eight six nine nineteen seventy six presidential election year right now furniture mattress Democratic Party free today lots of folks have wanted to be a real estate investor for a long time maybe that's you you don't know how to get started well tune into del Walmsley for the lifestyles unlimited show now and Katie are eight Sundays at eleven Kate you're right Sundays eleven on new year's note from Land Rover Houston central you can't put a forty two inch waist and size thirty four pants and Land Rover used in central can't possibly stop all of these new twenty twenty vehicles well constructions going on so we're gonna skinny it up by pricing every new twenty twenty Land Rover to move the savings are incredible come take advantage of this incredible opportunity to Land Rover Houston central on old Katy road three minutes from the Galleria access to capital one of the most important factors in the growth and development of a company if you're gonna have a operating capital working capital shortfall at some point you may need to buy a building at some point you may need.

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