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Bottle this hour be Lacey Johnson. He's running for district five as a Republican for US House of Representatives in the state of Minnesota. He's from the area that is under siege right. Now that's where he's from. He's running against Ilan Omar whose daughter I guess was helping to rally more people to starts in trouble Illinois more who's got a lot problems with her campaign a lot of questions about her background and her history whether she married her brother or not. I mean he's got all sorts of stuff involved here so Lady Johnson Guy from the community been a leader of the community for decades. I think he should get a fair shake from those Minnesota. Make sure you stick around to hear from him and here a very calm voice from the same neighborhood that we're seeing these horrible videos from in Minnesota got that gold force which is interesting. Carry you you just mentioned something during the break were found to be kind of amazing is the first time you haven't lead with something in a long time other than coronavirus. We've been leading coronavirus for a long time. Unfortunately there's there's mayhem and looting and and bad things going on in Minnesota and you know how we do it. We enjoy laughing. We enjoy doing parodies. We enjoy telling jokes and being hard on each other. It's hard when you've got these dominating stories like this and that's what People WanNa talk about so you gotTa do it. And they're melting the phone lines on. Hold waiting for Ted Cruz earlier. I have him calling to the same system that we use for the show and a number came up from an area code in recognize. Answered it as Pags when I did an interview. If it's a phone call interview a phone or as we call it in the business. A foreigner I hey it's pags when incher normally they call the hotline but the hotline is look like any other line If the other lines aren't filled up like they are now like during the show. People are calling all the time before the show that night so I answered the Guy Goes. Yeah so why? Are they arresting all these people and Blah Blah? Do the shows that even on yet talk already. You know what I mean So you're right. I mean people really are anxious to talk about this. They WANNA be heard about it and And I'm going to give them their their opportunity to vent right now of the to be Lacey. Johnson you've got an update from FAO G. I'm not sure which voucher. We're talking about this time because I'm getting confused about what the doctor does he doesn't want us to do and Also I've got the the handler of the navy seal dog. That was the only dog on the raid on Bin Laden. So that's kind of cool to and it's funny because his his name is Chesney it's funny because as I'm talking to will chas the and talking to will. He wanted to make sure his dogs behind him. He is like loves the dogs. He doesn't have the dog anymore Cairo is with US anymore. Think who was the dog on the Bin Laden raid but he was so proud of German shepherds in the background. He actually positioned himself in such a way in the video so we could see the dog the whole time. That's great that'd be getting. Of course. The dogs in cooperate as soon as you went to tape as soon as it went to video We faces like completely turned around. All we saw was like dog ass artem. That's great. What is what am I say dog belly dog but right now under so yeah. Eventually he He gets the dogs to participate and we do get to see their faces in the video. So if you're watching on the twitch stream you'll see that if you're listening on the radio you'll hear it because I actually asked him. Hey let me see your dogs. So I very cool he really. He lit up when we talked about his dog. Pretty cool edit eight nine four one pags editor eight nine four one seven two four seven. Joepags by the way they they both looked like Gunnar these dogs in the in the in the down view. Yes but gun is a big fat was GonNa some damn raid on his couch. He's going to be good line. What's going on Yup gunners interesting gunner was originally Gabby dog my nineteen year old and now Samuda great basically is as dog now. Somehow I'm pretty much. Yeah sleeps with Jia and if you open gs bedroom. Because I check on the kids every night. The open bedroom door dare to growl at me. No you KINDA gotta protect his person like no no no so you got a bit of a swat the nostrils but you know you gotta be careful. You could have your growl. Dad Tara Protective G JUMP IN THE POOL. Go swimming with friends or something. Gunnar runs around the pull the entire time as if he's going to jump in and save her of course he won't jump in what he'll do because he's the Msci is a was staying straight up. He's like six feet. Tall is the gigantic dog. Same gigantic dog. No He's way huge but what he does is he'll go to the step of the pool and bite the water like he stopping the water. Doing whatever it is trying to do to Jia. It's very straight am I gonNA. What is what are you doing? They just a whole faces soaking wet. It keeps doing it but he won't like dive in the pool. I didn't like to swim To keep watch over Jia just he's just keeping watch And then she wants to be short short toward the side of the get away from the side of the pool. He's going to bite somebody. Stop it because he's not. He's not a biter. He's not a mean dogs. A nice guy but there's something about garden. Jeez I'm on it. Wow My job going like well guard the house? Probably not now unless somebody came to the house. The Charlie will bite your face. You try to do some in house but governor just sorta come very but if it's about Jia that's it you're in trouble not that is his person message. You know g eleven. Eight eight nine four one PAG joepags dot com a lot of people. Want a WANNA be heard they have a lot to say about what's happening in Minneapolis Let's just say about the charging of this former cop chop chop chopping. How do you pronounce it? I thought it was show van could be NCA that I've seen them so. This guy is now facing charges third degree murder. Homicide some out the other three. According to your story it sounds like they might face charges to just not really clear what might be right. They did not announce. But I'm you feel like going to render aid. I don't think they could charge them with murder. They had nothing to do with the knee on the neck but they didn't do anything hell as going to say. He's seen another still picture where you were asking a couple of days ago. Where were the other two officers? And I've seen a picture where the two officers are. Also they appear to be holding. George Floyd down right only picture from from beyond flight from the back shot. I saw that but I don't know if they stay on the entire nine they stopped and then and then shoving whatever he continues doing what he's doing It's all very interesting but we're going to get more details. Look I'm not saying he's guilty of murder. What I'm saying is he needs to be held accountable and I wanted him to be charged from the beginning now. Due process happens now he gets his day in court. Number information comes out. That's our justice system and some of the responses are well. George didn't get justice. Well this is how you do justice. We're not in a society like in some countries around the globe. Even today..

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