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In Kenosha 17 year old Kyle Riton house allegedly shot and killed two and confrontations just moments apart. Attorney claiming he acted in self defense president weighing in on all this as well, liking a tweet, saying Kyle Rittenhouse is a good example of why I decided to vote for Trump President Trump is also continuing to use these violent protests in cities led by Democrats as the focus of his reelection campaign President tweeted this morning that he saved Kenosha, Wisconsin by sending in the National Guard to break up the protests. Trump also called the protest in Portland a mess and said Mayor Ted Wheeler is ajoke. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron says the investigation into Briana Taylor's death continues, although he recently received a key piece of evidence. On CBS's face. The Nation Camera said that the ballistics report is complete, but no announcement regarding any charges will becoming this week. Theology says the witness testimony is still needed. Along with interviews to complete the investigation. Brown a Taylor was shot to death in her own home by police. Emma Roberts is pregnant. The 29 year old actress is expecting her first child with boyfriend Garrett Hedlund Roberts, confirming the news with an instagram post of her showing off her bump. Caption it with me and my two favorite guys. Camo news time 8 50. Now the Propel Insurance Money Update Prepare for the iPad air macrumors reports, images and leaks have been posted to social media Let appear to indicate the new user manual of Apple's upcoming iPad air as well as release dates for other new products. Apple's also reportedly close to announcing its multi tier Amazon prime, like Apple One services bundle lumber products across the border tough to find in the prices skyrocketing for what is available. Lumber workers say the migration from big cities leading to the demand for new housing and people looking to improve their existing homes are factors. According to the National Association of Homebuilders, Thie increased cost of lumber. Is adding about $16,000 to the price of a new home. That's your money now, Ross a k a combo news. There's also a report on CNBC this morning. The TIC Tac is ready to announce a deal to sell it to US businesses. And we do know that Microsoft and partnership with WalMart and Oracle are among the top contenders within expected sale price of TIC Tac for some $20 billion. Wall Street this morning. The big losers, the Dow Jones average down about 212 points. Thie S and P is just down about three. The NASDAQ is up 65. Here's what's coming up after we check traffic and weather. I'm her wise bomb with the topics for back to school computers from the tech experts at consumer Report. Let's talk about.

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