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Have a wedding or their kids will have a wedding and offer to do it at the house that i usually say lasorda sunday afternoon and we'll start we'll do it is three and inevitably by seven thirty people are calling the cops seven thirty sunday you're calling the cops and then the cops come into i see who called just tell me called we can't import something important so i had this thing and this is this is what he here so here's were at gary get chris maxwell pattern get on the microphone as he here he split okay than i'll have to speak for him i have a neighbor who currently lives across the street from me and the other day when i walked out my front door i saw her in her female friend sort of struggling with a mattress that there are taken out of the back of a station wagon or something try to get it up their front steps you know ran formally i would have helped them do that except for this woman's crazy and every time someone in if my nanny parks her car on that side of the street she follows her into my house yelling move your car even though it's his parked on a not on front of her driveway not in front of her walkway just on her side is street when the building inspectors over my house uh when i was doing my kitchen remodel when he would try to walk back their trucks she would fall amount to truck yelling they parked their cars and he would go taken park wherever they won because it's a public street and they're not getting anything and when when chris laksamana.

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