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Mandeville great furniture great service better prices are coming up some interesting suggestions from people on how to deal with frost on your windshield which is about everyone have having it this morning and gut checks on the saints in jets cbs news update a final get out the vote push ahead of tomorrow's sanity election in alabama features robo calls from president trump i need alabama to go vote for rory more it is so important the president backing more despite sexual misconduct allegations which have a fellow republican senator richard shelby casting a ballot for someone else i couldn't vote for roy more i didn't vote for roar and more but i rode in a distinguished republican shelby on cnn correspondent steve futterman has more from montgomery if the jones's to win this race in to pull off a major upset he is going to need significant support from moderate republicans especially the socalled soccer moms the key question right now is or these accusations against roy more so appoints that some moderate republicans will be able to vote for a democrat republican strategist steve bannon joins more on the campaign trail tonight cbs news update i'm deborah rodriguez from our latter blum studios leading the way in louisiana real estate for one hundred years it's wwl first news good morning i'm david blake forty six degrees right now and clear skies in new orleans on your official weather station wwl am fm andcom at a what this morning as we have temperatures on 30s on both sides the lake at channel four meteorologist dave nussbaum shows we will give plenty of sunshine and warming up later this afternoon.

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