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Join us twin peaks in wheeling this Friday, two to six twin peaks eats drinks in scenic views of got Matt Nagy talking about the design of the trickery of God club dub being opened. I want to get the Burto though in hillside, and then we'll get into Trubisky. Tune that million dollar question. But Bert, though, the Packer fan is called Birkdale SPN one thousand what's up. Or guys how you doing? We're good. We're doing better than you are a man. So obviously, you told me to give you guys a call back, man. So I'm gonna say he's like I said the other day bears defense. They're just they're sick, man. They're they're they're awesome. The fact that they held the Rams to six points in my eyes. But I will say that. I was right because I called your boy, he's a problem, man. You just can't throw the ball Trubisky is terrible as far as accuracy ways. He's just terrible. And I do expect the Packers to do what they need to do as far as wing because now you're gonna play against knows how to play in the cold. Yeah. Berta? Thanks. So that's not really a I was wrong. Was that? I mean, not sorry calls after the Packer Harris. And how about this you face? The arguably the best offense in all of football your router back through for one hundred yards and thirty three interceptions in your team. Still able to win. I would say that everything you said Burto probably was not correct. As far as just your prediction for the game. Yeah. No. I was I was completely wrong. We want to make sure thanks for calling a math yet. And then I'll get to the Mitch question. One of our P P one friends Cav has tweeted us about may. She's not a big Mitch fan. But I wanna play you a few things here regarding the way, they run the trick plays. And this is Matt Nagy today about in case, you don't know the throat is Seoul where they had all the defensive linemen in there. And he's a swing offensive tackle many people are saying run the ball run the ball run the ball. Then he throws in. What was it five defensive tackle and five defensive linemen and one offense of tackle? I think so there was there was Hicks. Nickels nickels the guy with three names and also Bullard, right? Bullard was in there. Yeah. There may have been one other was there just five guys in general. I thought there were five we'll count. We'll do the math here. But I wanna play. Here's the install Casey don't know. It's called Santa's sleigh that seems to be like a fun thing around this bears team is not only is it a called play. But they always give it a cool name like last week's play against the giants was called Palumbo with the tree cone throw. There's ones was called Santa's sleigh and Matt Nagy talked about the design and install of that play. Well, they're they're all different. We always talk about some of them are in the incubator for a while. They're in there for weeks, and you just gotta either way for the chance to come. This one happened to be this one just just happened this past week. So it wasn't an incubator.

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