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Gala showers here. Hey julie is good morning wander. Santiago shepherd is in the building. Good morning beautiful. How are you today. allen swath. Mcallister is here. Hello hello hello allen. Good morning to you how. Ubs morning deal. oh is in the building. Good morning de low to make a cadrone is here. Hello to become do boys in a building. Hey girl shutout to shanna j. music here. Hey girl shemeikka love is in the bill then. Hey me. good morning. I can't be q. Micro street justice. Grassy is here. Hey michael good morning to you chat to let george. What's up girl. Good morning sheldon harris here. Hello sheldon how are you today. Tiffany close it is in the building. What tiff hey. Girl prentice kavak. Hey baby come good morning. mr robinson. Prentice narrowly turn is here. Hello natalie shutout to dray. Shaw was going on. Then you wouldn't williams is in the building. What's up. Danielle child to our may manage twenty. That'll trick gay hatred lewis morning. Chris do then. Rooney's in the building. What's up christo shutout to johnny whip. Oh hey johnny. Good morning to you. darlene hendricks is here. Hello dolly hundred years. I think you name ring bill to me. Well welcome please. Workmanship leave Welcome to the show. We appreciate your washing. Please let us know. How did you hear about us. And we share the show. Thank you Rail mr sensation new halla is in the building. Hey good morning to you Who else we ll net net. Serano is here. Hey girl he is your not. I think just split a little bit but it's okay you know. It was the way changing proud in the building. What's that change. Hey why are you this morning. Good morning shutout to doing smith. Hey don good morning to you. How are you today. Some markets in the building. What's the market morning to you. Can't black is in the bill. The hey came. Shutout shutout rj. Johnson who else we have here not rama jazz. Say hey good morning girl. John cochran in the building. Your makes your download Comedy world radio app. aaron The fan radio app you know so case we go down here because we still going to be route. Yoga miss it up. You're just on facebook job. You get the map. So you're gonna hear over there. Tracy tracy markets mr johnson is here. Hey mark is good morning to you. Klay proud while it's in the building. What's up close and last but not least diane hallways had a diane as in a building. Hey diane those other names that i have seen. If you are here you would like to get shot at. Let me know. So i could get you k cologne. Great job with that with shoutouts said without you. We wouldn't be here. We'll take a quick break and then on a urine just hit my finger. We'll take a quick break and then we'll be right back. I'll take we'll that makes me.

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