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Rousseau wrote in his book that uh he he grew very close with lanza and he says i was a sponge around him i wanted to learn everything from from jack the guide been a legend in his day and i was thrilled to have the opportunity to work under him as time went on our began to tell jack about ma frustration in the company and he felt like he could do more lanza told him to just be patient uh and keep doing what you're doing quote man i love the guy we grew extremely close so close in fact that years later when a flew down to atlanta to interview with wc w i call jack from a hotel room to let them know what i was doing under circumstances will get into later jack new i was unhappy any tell me i had to do what was right for me now here's the sickening part of the wrestling business the part that i loathe the reason why i'm writing this book from the back of my own store and no longer part of an industry that is very hard to get out of my blood to make a long story short i took the job a wc w in a call jacked thank him for everything i got his voice saw punched in my phone number and left it after fifteen minutes jack call back and amy answered the phone this is jacqueline said that somebody page may from that number jack said amy was pleasant jay because she knew always ranted and raved about him and amy said hijack this is amy rousseau than jack lands hung up the phone now obviously i was thinking jack was probably on a cell phone or maybe in a car with a bunch of the guys and he knew we couldn't talk to me at that time a few days later i call this house i explained to his wife what happened and i said to her i just hope jackie isn't not taking mccall's because i'm with wwl ono jackie is it like that jacks wife said i never heard from jack lanza ever again.

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