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Wacky hijinks When wednesday's you're funny because it's it's like a hybrid day it's what was what was the great For years to they still do on jeopardy the potpourri potpourri category odds and ends. You know it's a little. It's a little bit of weekend. Recapping is still going on. You know we didn't get to there's At this patient of this weekend which is going to be tremendous The saturday cards and they should be. They should be engaging. We've been talking hitting listened. Andy a little bit. We touched on the gotham. And what's going gonna go on in new york on saturday but Obviously big cap day. Santa anita is going to be by all previewing and hinting based on participation. well it should be spectacular. San felipe a big cap saint carlos Kill row where. There's worse as assembling for the mile and and of course tampa and i'm looking forward really looking forward to getting mardi back on. Finally martin mckee heading tampa. So we'll look forward to the weekend action tomorrow. And friday and today little bit of everything including including a very I expect a very good Pedigree and breeding our between ten and eleven. Of course it's sire watch pedigree focused brought to you by hillsdale. We'll talk to said. And i i mean i don't know how much more i don't i don't know how much more gilding of the tap it lily. We can do a central quality and greatest honor of course with their success on saturday. The to tap it sons and We'll look again maybe at the female families but There there there's some other some other aspects obviously of what went on and We can we can touch on a couple of others from the weekend. That kind of jumping in. But i i do have to say it. It's been there hasn't been as many eclectic parentage. Some very dominant lines right now that and individuals that are really by just you know topping the charts as as it were the second half of our to really looking forward to bet. I've been kind of hinting at this for for a month or more. Maybe a couple of months laura Visagie is going to join us from rock. Ridge stud down in hudson and Want to get some regional. Breeding programs represented and Some of the outfits and we happen to have volta rinne is at rock ridge. And she's carrying the motown baby. And i haven't even asked about a scan and and what you know what what's coming failure or colt. But laura has got her down there and she's actually she's going to be. He's going to be delivering here in the next few weeks. And we've also with the retirement of carlisle bell. She's there waiting for What we're gonna do coverage wise with her. And in fact she i think she may go to kentucky but that's not that's not written in stone yet But laura is gonna join us as well. As his stallion manager erin robinson and talk about the program at rock ridge and lorraine is one of the most respected managers owners purveyors of you know boarding and maintenance of of broodmares and then on the stallion side of things has really assembled a outstanding regional lineup. and in fact with doug o'neill just yesterday. I happen to mention frank. Conversation and frank conversation is there. Who's a dual really a dual purpose. You know the baby's irv are just getting are just going to get to the racetrack. This year. from his two year olds So you know it's it's early yet but You got to expect that he's going to get both turfan and dirt runners. He himself was adept at at both. Disco partner you know who just entered the start last year. And the anticipation is that he's going to be. You know an heir to the disco. Rico success i mean this go. Rico was unbelievably prolific in a given the opportunities that he had and Talked about him many times but I'll let i'll let erin and laurey now. Kind of dote on their lineup. Also includes micromanage the medallion doro son and giant surprise Who's one of those one of those really quiet useful stallions that just gets runners just gets nice runners and it has kind of a a. You know a breed to race type of a stallion choice. there's also the he's also got a couple of eclectic names that are not as probably well known to people including Asian forward and the forest wildcat son and leofric who's new last year and There's also slumber The cacique son and Anxious anxious for laret and erin to kind of fill in the blanks and and talk about their program at rock ridge and the beautiful. They've got a beautiful farm and grid tremendous facility so Breeding and some regional conversation. New york they start with an advantage. And that'll be the middle part of of the morning. Seth merrill later we're gonna talk to chris griffin and we've got a recap saturdays texas action with chris and will look at tonight at sam houston and speaking of some of our favorite regional tracks. Eric hallstrom is gonna stop in as well. I wanna get eric on if you saw the news yesterday but this kind of kind of a pre meet preview. it's amazing. Indiana is literally weeks away from starting. Just frankly that's that's that's good news that means Spring and summer are are nearly at hand But the the racing commission rubber-stamp Some of the requests by indiana grand. Yesterday and i'm gonna let We'll let eric kind of fill in those blanks because They've done so many things that in in response to their conversation with horse players and they are continuing to whittle away and lower takeout and They also adjusted some rules. That's the need to go over in terms of multi-race wagers and the turf conditions and Eric doing everything he can think of to support the players and respond to player needs and requests. So the looking forward to a visit with eric hallstrom. First our in here Between now and i don't know nine forty five give or take We'll get a quick hit. In with brad cox. I didn't want The winds by montemar girl and essential quality to completely. You know we. Obviously we talked to jimmy bell about essential quality but want to get brad's thoughts. And you know how they came out. And you know the perils of of bringing horses back on wet tracks there. There's no set of of connections. That wants to bring horses back over a loose racetrack. I mean you hold your breath every single time and you know that that goes through the race and then cooling out and then overnight and they're taking the bandages off in the morning. I mean you just There's there's no more perilous especially when you're talking about the horse's like this So we'll talk to brad and we'll get a snapshot and some postscript and by the way speaking of jimmy bell and the godolphin team The the other shoe did drop yesterday and.

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