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Saint Louis blues with a four to one game seven win over the Boston. Bruins in the Stanley Cup final to come away with their first Cup in the fifty two year history of their franchise in their first appearance in the final since nineteen seventy the blues fired their head coach back in November replaced him in the interim with Craig baruti who led them to Lord Stanley's Cup rhino Riley, named the cons. My trophy winner for most valuable player. Matt Napolitano, Fox News, warning about the Persian Gulf area this morning. A British mirror time safety group says an unspecified incident has taken place in the Gulf of Oman, and is urging extreme caution amid heightened US Iran tensions. The group did not elaborate on what happened. But said it's investigating the incident comes as Iranian media claimed if there had been an explosion in the area targeting oil tankers, the Arizona man who admitted selling bullets to the gunman in the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history wants to. To be tried by a judge, the attorney for Douglas Haig saying in a connection to the shooting. We'll have a prejudicial effect on jurors in Las Vegas, haggis pled, not guilty to illegally making trace or an armor-piercing bullets at his home and Mesa Arizona. He is not charged in the Tober 2017 shooting. They killed fifty nine people and injured more than eight hundred fifty he had previously sought to move the trial to Arizona, citing similar concerns about finding an impartial jury that request was denied. His trial is set to begin in August. Lisa lacerra, Fox News and Asian stocks mostly lower today's activists in Hong Kong valid to keep protesting an extradition Bill. They feel will diminish the territory's legal atonomy from China, and in the US Dow futures down thirty five points..

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