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But how does that happen. Well so there's two. Bankruptcy trustees one for for Dirty keys and one for tom individually. It's kind of confusing. Because george was a sole proprietorship. It really wasn't a partnership it was an inc. It was just tom. Toms money is co mingled for the most part between the two. It's a mess. So i'm not sure how when they went into a federal bankruptcy court when we were on the call originally for the bankruptcy. Because i'm one of the creditors that filed originally for the involuntary bankruptcy for tom they they recommended only one bankruptcy trustee but no-one followed that recommendation. Now too so you have Is the guy for Individual tom girardi. And then elissa miller is the lady for jordy keys the estate and so run hired one law firm to handle To be like a special investigator into Finding a finding whatever and of course people are particularly interested in erica. Right because obviously they've been looking into tom already for some amount of time and now they're looking at where else is the money gone. And so then the other trustee decides to hire somebody so she hires ronald richards You know it just. It's it's a little salacious yeah And in from my point of view d- Artful argument would be since he has been so involved on social media and also. Let's just bring up this. This came. I just discovered this on a instagram account. I live bravo They may they reminded us that. This ron richards was the attorney representing russell armstrong. Who is now the deceased husband of taylor armstrong from the on the first three or four seasons of real houses of beverly hills. They got divorced. And i don't know if the divorce is final or not. But unfortunately he'd kill himself and the right the Really sods or the. And i read her. I met her personally. And i read her book and her book really clearly stated the emotional and sadly intense physical abuse with receipts and records that she had at the hand of russell so they start doing real house as beverly hills. And they you know. He had a lot of financial issues. They were being sued. I just watched episode. Recently with taylor in which her attorney who's representing her. Which now she whom she's married to was like okay. We can settle this but we need your four air may handbags or birkin's or something right in your wedding ring diamond which is probably worth like a hundred thousand and at that time in this in this episode i dunno russell had killed himself or not but she was like you know okay like let's have nightmare be over and in this article that was posted Richards the attorney for russell says you know. He spent all of his money to make her happy. And to produce this perception on the beverly hills show and spend money. They didn't have to appear to be rich and because of that like he was insecure. And because of the comments he was insecure and then they got divorced and because of that like basically blaming her and any also and the show and yes this show and he also diminished her claims of domestic abuse and he said my i and literally they were both drunk. They're both getting a loud and he said in my opinion st- holding your wife to calm. Her down is not abuse. Well if you read what she said it was way more than doing. Also that is not. I don't think we're on a domestic violence expert radio as an attorney. He knows what a subject matter. Expert is yeah so to sort of leverage position of being his attorney and then making statements about something that you know. You're not an expert on and obviously you're on one side at that time It's clear you're representing the other person. So you have a duty to that client. I mean how are you presenting opinions like as if you're impartial and just you know making comments. Yeah not you. have you know. It's your narrative for your client. So it's just kind of interesting. He obviously knows a lot. He knows a lot. Which i do think can be helpful in finding you know in going after erika. Adjei was a fan of the house. Wasn't beverly hills. I don't know. I just find it so interesting. Something good you know to this. I mean the bottom line is a lot of people have been harmed by By what. Tom has done. An by. Whatever implications eric and may have in what tom did with his business. You know if someone could help get justice for any of the victims. Like i'm all for it. Yeah but all. I've seen is a lot of self promotion and and now this crazy warlike okay so is erica and one of the lawyers on twitter playing it out on twitter. So is that really what we've come to in society as we now have to argue our legal claims on social media with whoever asks us or you know. Isn't there some decorum i mean. This went back to like what we said on the documentary about having some decorum when it comes to victims. What about the people who are impacted by this. Is anybody thinking about how they feel about. This started with erica. Doing things on social media. That seemed to be very disingenuous and not carrying it all about the people affected. So what is this twitter thing. How is that helping the victims well and then it just seems like.

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