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Even today look up played the greatness. I said was was really really tough just the one. Point decided that tiebreak and just I extremely proud with Lewis. Hamilton won the last Formula one grand prix of the two thousand eighteen season in Abu Dahbi, those defeat Philip Bron James in the LA Lakers on Sunday in the NBA. They were beaten by the Orlando Magic for the second time in eight days one hundred nights to one hundred four and the big game in the NFL on thanksgiving weekend. So victory for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, they defeated the New York Jets twenty seven thirty. So let's get more on that resheduled second leg off the couple of doors final between River Plate and Boca Juniors which was postponed again on Sunday. Just hours before it was due to start Bacher had complained that the match couldn't be played under fair conditions. The South American federation Tommy ball will now meet with the clubs on Tuesday to discuss and new date to reschedule the match. Well, the BBC's Manny jasmine is in Buenos Aires, and he told me the clock is ticking for the authorities to reschedule the final the talented in Argentina is very cluttered. Now the River Plate have an Argentinean Cup semi final to tight on Wednesday. Then next week. It's the G twenty summit in put his reason. I mean that is so big that the residents have point is always have been told to leave the city for a few days to let that happen. So it won't happen before then the club well company United remers that starts on December the twelve the for the first. Smashed being played by the South American representatives. Clearly, they need to know who's going to be there. So the window to play this match is very small. And so I imagine they when they find the date it will probably be next week as some point after the g twenty summit and just as a final wind points. This has been a terrible weekend for the image of Argentinian football and South American football as a whole this was the big shop window, wasn't it? The eyes of the world were watching. It was such a huge eagerly anticipated match the the match that everybody wants to see in the copper Libertadores final and in terms of the image of Argentinian football. And what this might mean going forwards, especially in terms of potential World Cup bid that Argentina wearing for twenty thirty. This is a lot of damage. Yeah. The Copa Libertadores. Final is usually a match that is pretty unnoticed outside South America. Because it's usually played in the middle of the European knights or it takes place. During a weekday morning in Asia. For example, this one has been eagerly anticipated for weeks. The first leg was talked about all over the world on social media and the build up to this one is well the presidents of River Plate. I spoke to him a results for Donald frio recognized that this was an opportunity for Argentina to show the world that it could put on a big occasion. And this was gonna be a vacation the biggest club match in the history of Argentinian football. But it hasn't happened. And it's been an embarrassing and shameful weekend for Argentina all the cliches about violent Argentinian fans have come to pass here, and it's embarrassing for the country, and he's been verisign for South America as well. They wanna prove that they can put on a show and overcome some of those cliches, but so far those cliches have been confirmed as three BC's manage asthma in Buenos Aires very much. Indeed, Mark with the sport. Now, we're gonna talk about feedback on social media. It's quite easy. Now, isn't it for you as a customer to expect to express dissatisfaction? Dysfunction with companies even with radio broadcast as well. And sometimes they well-timed tweets will yield results, but one Chapas hit a bit of a problem with the Russian national airline Aeroflot. He had a platinum frequent flyer card. He was Mitchell. L shell ski was well known and he tweeted that the chief executive of Aeroflot's had lost his mind Aeroflot's, and the chief executive took exception and they've punished him quite harshly. They suspended his platinum frequent flyer card. Simon colder the travel editor of the independent in London has been flying on Aeroflot's. For decades knows the airline will knows the background to this as well the tourism and hospitality feedback industry conundrum. Simon welcome. First of did airflow do the right thing. They were criticized and then they bit back at that often happen. It doesn't happen. As often as you might imagine given the absolutely vile abuse that sometimes he's heaped upon particularly transport providers. When things go wrong. Just to give you the background to this Michio alleged kofsky as a photo journalist. He's a charity activist very familiar to many Russians. He's got almost one hundred thousand followers on Twitter, and probably at least that number of frequent flyer miles with Aeroflot. Now, he learned if some new rules at Aeroflot's head office in Moscow that the airlines employees from using smartphones up work apparently to stop the making unauthorized videos at the foot of the rules, which we know to be genuine signature of the airline's chief executive Vitale survey civilian now, Mr. Ellis kofsky, then tweeted a copy of the rules, but the comment as you say severity of has lost his mind and three days later, he found the platinum status had been revoked which means that he no longer enjoys the the frills and the free flights that the most frequent for highest can look forward to the offense was making a quote negative assessment of someone's. Personality, which he undoubtedly did if that's his assessment of the chief. Exact yes. Absolutely. These are new rules introduced for the social media age by Aeroflot bonus programme this earlier this year, they will block accounts, though, cancel miles. They will draw elite status of anybody who quits denigrates, the owner and dignity of a person working for airflow through feedbacks and publications in the internet. How unusual is that? Because of course, with the power of Twitter comes great responsibility. Julie it certainly does a very celebrated case in the UK actually in the biggest seaside resort Blackpool northwest England involved a couple who criticized the hotel online review forming pretty robust terms calling it to give me a filthy dirty. Rotten stinking hobble. They hadn't noticed a warning in the terms about unfavorable review and found promptly debt credit card to be debited by one hundred. Pounds that's about one hundred and thirty dollars. And conversely, of course, people who work in the travel industry needs to be careful a flight attendant for the US on United took to Twitter to criticize a passenger. You happens to have a frequent flyer broke after he had complained on Twitter about poor service. I keep very much the ins and outs..

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Aeroflot, Argentina, River Plate discussed on

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