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This safe, cute At all. Neighborhood and uhh thistles. Where happened in Washington, D C. 27 year old woman went for an evening jog. She was steps away from her apartment when a stranger attacked her. I just feel his hand like over my mouth. His other hand in between my legs. She fought back and I went to swing at him. She couldn't have known. The real fight was just beginning. I maybe Britain and I'm an investigative reporter for the Washington Post For the past three years I've been following. What didn't boxer shot, sir. Ships use radios 6 10 w T v N H 29, NewsRadio 16 w. T V and Bob Randolph in for brand the boxer. Good show coming up tomorrow we are going to have the governor Mike DeWine will be on with us. We'll be talking about vaccines and where we stand with everything. So look forward to that tomorrow. How about we look forward to maybe $1000 in your pocket with the $1000 stimulus 1 16 w tvm timeto win $1000 on 6 10 w T V N now entered this nationwide keyword on our website work that's work. Enter that work now. 6 10 w T V and calm to win $1000 traffic and weather together from Tim Start heating and cooling products. Johnny Hill, I 70 westbound got its accident cleared at 2 56. But we're still struggling. A bit coming in from 3 10 into Franklin County. Give you plenty of time if there's two moving 70 west out of Newark, Buckeye Lake Tasca Accident seem to 70 westbound west of 3 15, a left lane being blocked by police and fire here, and we're backed up into us 23 High Street and an accident blocking on Hague Avenue at Sullivan as well..

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