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News radio and over in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood, a standoff today between police and a barricaded suspect is over. Police responding to center Street, right by Dorchester Avenue around 11 A.m. for the reports of a barricaded person, a suspect brought into custody just about an hour and a half later. Officials say it all started when the suspect apparently pistol whipped a neighbor during an argument in the backyard so far, no IEDs 3 33 time for traffic and weather together every 10 minutes and it's one of those days. You're going to need it. Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes back to you, Mike. Thanks, Nicole. We're looking at terrible delays up to the north today. 4 95 South is just awful from Route 1 33 in Tewksbury Down into Chelmsford basically 7.5 miles with the left lane crashed down after Route four North bound delays on 4 95 Really through that same stretch 1 28 South jammed. Rou won a in Beverly down into Peabody, four miles with the left lane crashed down after Route 62 Now 1 28 North Delays winner straight up to 4 to 25, then Route three A up into Wakefield with the left lane crash Ed route 1 29 Route One Delays start shortly after Route 16 and really go all the way up into Linfield. The Coton Expressway jammed from the tunnel to South Bay. Granted after 24 northbound, pretty awful Braintree up passing upon its circle and now coming up towards the tunnel to Alright, Route three South stop and go down past Union Street again down after it 18, But then you're clear at the Sagamore Bridge almost a mile at the born 1 28 South. Delays reach from Lexington most of the way down into debt, Um than 93 northbound in the red from 95 to route 24 delays on the mass Turnpike westbound backed up well before a Newton corner out of the state police barracks. And to 90 west couple of miles out towards downtown Worcester. My king WBC's traffic on the three. It's one of those days where you could see the occasional very light. Drizzle pop up because it's so humid out there, and that is what's happening right now, in parts of southeastern Massachusetts, parts of Abington.

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