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The bump in of the tweets on CBS sports network. Were they pull their own tweets once that we've missed? I'm looking at it right now on the monitor goodstuff. Welcome back. Welcome back last get through one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six. Obviously, when I say to you, call the program. I've done my best to screen out dopes but people get loose now. It's possible to get through hawk to get on the air. It does happen that guy in Saint Louis who said, it'd be asked me anything as anything we had that guy quote. Manny manny. Manny says dope. Who's been calling the show since that seventeen drafted he keeps changing his name and he keeps trying to make that point. Hey Rome, Rome. Hey, rome. We want that back. You want that back. You want that back when you said that John Lynch worked the bears man. I know you've been trying to call and by the way he's already gotten through with that. And we addressed it before, but he keeps changing his name and his city, he wakes me change producers, so we can get through it make that point. My man, you've got this whole twisted. Why are you so caught up and how I criticised your draft? You should be a lot more into the fact the UT at a chance to draft a once in a generational talent and didn't you're so focused on Yemen. Remember what Rome said after we made that pick. And we made that deal. Got this twisted. Manny. Bitter enough Manny focused on the wrong thing, bro. The thing being you've got Trubisky when you could add Mahomes, I'd focus on that. That's where you're Irish should be. But don't worry haka last, maybe another year here, and then somebody else will come through and screen the call, and you have a chance to kind of get over on him, too, and then might take will be the same you're focused on the wrong thing dude. The thing being you coulda had a once in a generational player, but you didn't. And you don't. So my point is call anybody can get through now a couple of days back. I dropped the eighty fifth edition of the Jim Rome podcast. This week's episode is the pride of Isla vista and sack town, both. He can claim both as his towns and even though he just turned forty he's still is and always will be the California kid. I'm talking, of course about hall of Famer your riot favor. Now, he was one of the guys with the lighter weight divisions on the map years ago. Back in twenty sixteen. He retired after a beat Brad Pickett in Sacramento was quick to walk off in his hometown won the fight called it a day. Great story, but nearly three years later as a forty year old again, who just became a dad for the first time you riot is putting the gloves back on. He's heading back to the cage, for a hometown fight next month against Ricky Simone, every time I go in there. It's, it's the best. And so it is a one off opportunity, but it's not necessarily a weren't off jury. So I decided, and I've been thinking about this for a while. I always stayed with it that you saw to drug cooling, just to make sure that I have the ability to jump at the at the drop of a hat, if I needed to something I knew was coming. I wanted to get some things out of the way you know, the baby, of course, getting myself established outside before I add anything, but I needed that little edge to push me over, and I think the birthday a fight my hometown, the current lay of the land, at the at the weight classes and you opportunities coming into our sport with ESPN partnerships and it's just an exciting time to be. Evolved. If you wait too long, there's no coming out of retirement. Now is the time, and otherwise gonna pass you see you wonder why that guys had so much excess inside and outside the octagon listen to them. And you heard him say it now is the time he response to that question. I said to him, is it a one off? He said it's a one off in terms of the fight, but not in terms of journey necessarily so that comeback fight is against Ricky Simone. It goes down. Exactly one month from today July thirteenth in Sacramento. Make sure you look for that. You also heard you riots say that even though he's been retired. He's already he's always stayed within the EU Sada testing program, just in case he ever wanted to come back the way he is right now. Now, top of that he had some pretty choice comments. And he's pretty upfront with his disdain for drug cheats. He's got no time for it or for them. It makes me sick to my stomach that I think about these guys that are cheating, the system that if done it and got caught in no whatever tell me about what they're what they're doing it. Because they understand about my upbringing my moral code and everything that goes along with it. When you're cheating like that. First one thing needs to happen. You have to make a decision that you're gonna cheat everyone else you're going against two. You have to have an internal belief or at least an inkling that you don't have enough as, as a human being that you need more. And then you have to be willing to just say, okay, I'm gonna light everyone. I'm gonna cheat people have going against I could possibly putting people are physical harm. And top of that, just dealing, you know, you're still other people's opportunities. This is why people love the California kid damn good fighter. Exciting fighter real dude. Speaking of immensely, popular fighters who we have not seen in a minute. I want to get to his thoughts on Conor McGregor and where he's at. And if you riot thinks that Connor still has the motivation to get back in the cage and get back and pay the price and to train, and grind after stacking cash with the Floyd fight after getting soundly beaten by Habib last October after making all that money on his liquor. Does he still have that edge, you Ryan says he does what Carter is actually a really grounded person? I I've got a lot of respect for him the way he is committed to his family and his friends is country. That's what they're saying. He was leaving Ireland tested that a little bit. But the reason why people are fighters and you could talk about Mike Tyson or Jones junior, or some of the great throughout throughout not because of the money, you don't spend massive amounts of your time and energy is young kid or. Up and comer barely eating quality food, bunk up for rent and all this other stuff because this big dream of money. I mean it might be part of the equation. So people are motivated by different things. But at the end of the day, there's still a part of Connor, I believe that wants to prove that he's a bad MO fo and I think the best with that a little bit. That's what you get the best Connor. You're ri- remember, Dana white soul, TMZ, Karna will find twenty nine nineteen nine so we'll see you ride definitely thinks to Connor is still really motivated. Still has that edge was still grind now fight that I know is not going to happen. But it's getting a lot of run is twenty five year old Justin Bieber against fifty six old Tom Cruise in case you missed it earlier this week. The beefs randomly tweeted out that he wanted to fight mave, J V math. But I've got no idea who's got the edge here. But you riot favorite show is held us was cage side one dominant cruise night fought. I've also seen him work with scored a little bit. And he's got some decent little jabs and whatnot people forget cruise was an actual wrestler meeting. He compete competed probably for years. So crews seems like he might be better mental physical shape in my opinion. But beavers got that. Unbelievable, self belief. I almost feel like it's a wreck. Versus striker and age in so believe age of the side of Bieber self belief is about equal. It could be a dog. Fight man. Whoever land their big punch, or get your big take down a breakdown of a hypothetical flight between the twenty five year old pop star in a five foot, six Hollywood legend twice that age. You can't you just can't. Also, you're right. I had some pretty interesting thoughts on the latest champ champ, Henry, pseudo. In fact, he made news with what he said about that along with Dominick Cruz, Cody Garbrandt say, who called out favor after winning the bantamweight title was was all those other guys on Saturday night. We got into it. You're right. I had a thoughtful response. And while many were claiming or clowning the double champ for calling himself. The greatest combat athlete of all time. You're ri- was not offended by that. He had high praise for the Olympic gold medalist. So a good conversation with the California kid on f eighty five also make sure you check out the podcast for an Isla vista story that he told me. Me that I cannot run back here on the radio program, but I.

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