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To have the right people to and and the right people when you're an owner I'm telling you that main Manda fits the general manager OR in the case of the weight limits bill Belichick I mean he runs the owner gives them hold in full control over everything and when you have a guy like Jim fix like the bears had a like Jerry Vinnie see you know you have yes the quality people that I could make great judgments and hire good people in which they did and they won a World Championship with that arguably probably which everybody the greatest team ever was eighty five bears no question ed and so AT and back at sixty three we won a World Championship we had a guy but neighbor George Allen who's in the National Football League hall of fame he left us to win out as head coach of the ranch and the red skins but boy he's the one that put that defense together and he was the guy doing all the draft of which was probably the greatest drafted the history of the bears was Dick but guess ed gale Sayers that George Allen was the architect of that draft and you know that's to all the favors in one single draft but you got to have people like that are hard to find yeah but I'll tell you what what what's what's been going on here with one of these these these so called general managers one after another after another and my lord look at the record look at the players they break again it's it's sad it's really sad and you talk about a great proud football team the history of the bears and it's terrible to see what's happening I just want to say you don't think about this it some point the responsibility has to fall back on the players you know I mean these cultures are going out there to give him a bag of popcorn and go on you know what to play video games to basically still torn off his back foot he thought away from the pressure he's doing all these things bad quarterbacks do now I know that everybody's saying you can't do that you have to step up take the you know step into the your throws in your foot workers that pop up it is still it's it's it's a horse you know what so yeah you can have all the German soldiers and coaches and all that but if you got a player that is uncomfortable Dick is just inept then sooner or later you're gonna get a new player will Danny the reason why it's important to have a general manager knows what the hell he's talking about and understands how the game is played today somebody understand it when you play when I played it you got it that's the key that's important because he's the guy he has the final word more often than not they have the final word and guess what his final word on number one number two draft choices is a disgrace insurance companies as we said wait they use lizards they use us which is they use those to make us laugh what happened having an honest smart human being guide you check out Jeff vuqube dot com he's got great footwork he does he's got decades of experience nationwide State many end zone is on your side and sort of all up about thirty forty feet near the Katsidis about six seven I was gonna say feelings Vukan folks close to seven footer man about our Jamieson Bob bill you three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred we got one more segment to go we'll talk to you and we'll preview the Detroit Lions coming to Soldier Field that what happened to them today by the way the lions are or was it a by four nine another in action right now will be I will tell you since you asked they were down a touch tone nothing was thirty four twenty eight is twenty four seventeen raiders with fifty seven seconds to go first and ten at the Oakland thirty seven blinds have the football quick time out seven twenty.

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