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Dance mix there, Jordan. I actually got up mature a little bit. Lighten the mood positive. I started off with those hard hitting topics Jesse Sma lengths ISIS brides, not light topics on a sunny day in Wisconsin in the in the winter. But sometimes you gotta let it up. Thanks for that music. Jordan Gazza ousted doing a great producing Java's. He does every day. WTMJ? You're welcome Jordan. All right. So number two, the four at ten mentioned it earlier in the show, the Muller investigation all signs now pointing to this thing wrapping up, so there's a there's a bunch of different ways, this can go and one just can I just say as a human being on this planet. Thank you. If you if you are actually getting close, thank you. Thank you. Thank don't you have questions, though, how that could possibly be the case like how could they possibly be wrapping up already given. How many court cases are still out there things still pending as it were. You know, why here's this is my opinion based on nothing. For me. That's like a lot of people's. Just kidding. So I said at the beginning of the investigation romo's very, very smart guy, trusted at the beginning by Republicans and Democrats. He's a guy that looks at the facts. He's not a guy that's going to waste time a nonsense, which is why I'm asking the please, please please write one paragraph that skulls that works for their coverage of this case. But he won't do I going to say he'll he'll that won't even be. I won't even be on the radar. Nope. Nope. Nope. So this is what this is some of the things he could do. He could send you Torney general Bill bar, simple, Boecklin nation letter clue gluing as work. If charged everything they've already charged the no further cases to come. That's the declaration letter that could happen because I mean, the big question Mark is is there some big shoe or bondage? So that could happen. He could issue a detailed Roadman like all the things that we came up with some maybe some some loose ends or open ends that say this could be warranted further investigation. And we see that in the southern district of New York some of the other venues house committees. Maybe that's the way he goes. He could right. It's like Ken started. And please, please, please don't do this. Because the Ken Starr thing things three volumes foot high stack it on a desk. Don't write that report. But he could do that. Here's in a novel form novel hasn't book, a work of art. What I did for those almost two years, please, please, please don't do that. But some people would love to ask and say I disagree. I want every I wanted as much details. Possible not it's not him though. And I don't think he'll do that. But the trust me I watched a lot of coverage last night. There were some people are asking for that. We want the Ken Starr, thousands of pages three volumes. Look at what whatever happened with Russian collusion. If it takes a long time to get through it. So be it. But at least you have the information, and then at least there's transparency for everybody. One of the big warning signs. This is the theory that. Haters of the president looked to he could issue a kind of an indictment to come. Here's how I made the case. Here's the indictments. I got so far. Here's the big one. And that's an attack on the president's basically saying, this is why I think you colluded. This is why I think you obstructed Justice and lay that case out and say that's how we're going forward. Kind of a work in progress. Right. And maybe that's handled through the house. Maybe it's handled in SDN y southern district New York somewhere else. That's the best a big bomb. If that if that would happen. I don't think that's going to happen. That's what some people truly for. He could issue report. But not the report that people want a single very short report. That says I've got this. This is what I've done. You know, what it is? I'm closing the case. That's it. You've already seen the indictment yet. That's all we got them. And then a couple of last ones he closes his investigation refers all the cases to other jurisdictions. This other see that is what you would expect right given that some of this is still floating out there. What did the manafort's the stones is the presence campaign involved in a money connection between themselves and the Russian government? Was there an attempt to influence the election by decisions made by the president and his campaign, all of that stuff could be wrapped onto this referral to other cases, I I actually think that one's less likely, and then the big one he Miller mother just unsealed everything releases everything full report to the public. He makes that decision. Which we actually violate the agreement with the department Justice. But. Special counsel. Investigators can go rogue occasionally member the decision they made to be public about that one piece about the president being tied to something. And they made an actual made a statement on a Friday that said the president is not the subject of that. That was very controversial. This would be an example. I don't expect this to happen either. But that was some of the theories about what he might do. What's my guess? He's going to issue reports to three general bar will issue a summary report to congress, and then the real battle begins and there's no legal requirement by the way for bar to do anything. Nope. Nope. And if you're thinking needs to do something. Well, that's the big question. And some people think that's yes. Some people say no, let it go. Because otherwise, you just furthering the cycle of contentiousness. And, but if I if you keep it hidden, isn't that JFK all over again juries a reason why there are so many conspiracy theories about JFK, all we're gonna keep some of this under wraps forever. You can go back to sort of recent history. Reagan Clinton, there's still questions that are swirling out there based on on these investigations. None of it ever gets settled. It's pretty unusual. The Nixon one was one that was settled by president essentially resigning from office that doesn't happen that often nor do I expect President Trump to make that decision. Either. So I I'm falling into the hill issue. The report to turn bar who'll issue some report, and then then the fireworks will start in the house of representatives. I think that's where they're really going to go after this president in a big partisan way. I think that's where we're going could that be a mistake sheriff because I think there's enough of the twenty twenty election. There's enough Americans. I'm going to be talking about the twenty twenty election in my if the rules the world today eleven thirty five, but yes, there's enough Americans Republicans, and independents and say so could really backfire democrat. So that's number two of our four at ten Robert Muller, set Torralba. Well, we shall see. Number three, actually, a huge story domestic terrorists terrorist plot United States targeting. News, commentators elected officials are candidates huge story. That's number three of our four ten that's next weekend. WTMJ twenty.

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