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Weather station. Newsradio time three forty eight. Now, we have voted and I have to say all all four of these candidates. I think were worthy candidates and tomorrow, we will do come fly or fly away with me. Fly. Come. What is it? Dave. Come fly with me. We'll be tomorrow song. And then the next day song will not have the word fly in it anymore. We're down flying or no moon. No flying. There'll be no moon snow flying. No, nothing. But our big winner today by a unanimous vote. Although it was close is Patrick Patrick. You've won the tickets because you continued singing even though you didn't know the words, but you played it off. And then added in that you were making up the words as you went along. So that struck a chord in us, and we really wanted you to win today. Patrick to show that you don't have to have musical talent to win this contest. That's really what it's all about. Yeah. So Patrick, we'll see you July thirteenth at. We'll give you all the details later on when we get closer. We're gonna meet for drinks. I and we're gonna go see Michael boob, lady gather. I'm pretty excited about this. You're my hero, man. Hang on one. Second. We've got to get some information from you. Okay. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Thank you Marsh. Fine job, my friend. Thank you. But you didn't win. I'm sorry. All right. Thank you. Wuxi hang on drop. And then Jodi. Yeah, I want you to keep trying to win because I like the way you sing. And I'm not saying that you wouldn't have one on another day. But you might win on another day. You never know. He's got a lovely voice. Yeah. I don't care. When again, it's Patrick. Okay. All right. Jodi, thank you. I appreciate it, man. Probably have a good one. So our first content. Little bumpy little bumpy right there. But I was impressed with the way our candidates just jumped right in and managed to bounce back from my air. And and all is well now, it's all good right now. Is it? Yes. Brandon krisztal back from your world travels. Two weeks New Orleans a little bit with mobile Alabama in in the middle. How'd you like your time in mobile seafood was great? Yeah. Had always tres every day. Why wouldn't you? And then went to draw goes in New Orleans on the way back home. And it was the worst of the entire week. And we had always tres every day. Not sure why Drago says one in New Orleans best seafood restaurants, just majors bad batch. Right. It happens. Yeah. And then a week of the Super Bowl in Atlanta was awesome and certainly tiring, but my strategy of drinking less over both weeks paid off because I can't imagine how I'd feel about add any major hangovers. I'm an show. Boy, I the times that I went and covered the Super Bowl for the sports station that I worked for we never had credentials. So oh, no. You can do it. He died. Like hanging out in hotel lobbies behind. I'm not even lying about this. Behind palm trees waiting for people to come off the elevator by winning running up and grabbing just get credentials because they don't credentials. You've you. If you're not an NFL town. I was in Orlando certainly changed that now. People from all over the place. You're talking about the game itself just the week one hundred sixty stations and now I can list a dozen that weren't now. We were we were not big enough with our remarkable point one ratings. See the point in putting us in a prominent position. They've changed. They've changed their one hundred and sixty stations there. It is. My feet hurt. My knee me, but I'm never going to complain about the opportunity cover Super Bowl who's great, exactly. Wasn't great. But it was called in watch any of it. You didn't watch. Maroon five. I other stuff took my dog for a walk vacuum. The great over my fan in the bathroom that was like at least four to five minutes that was your husband watch. No. Did you watch a day? No. Correct. I watched about ten minutes of it. It was so bad that it wasn't punting and defense. It was a great. Yeah. Ooh. Wow. Tom brady. Yes. Coming through with the end. Yeah. It was a great game. Now. I'm good. I'm fine with that. It was just an executive decision Miami. Neither of us were interested at all didn't care about. Either teams. I didn't care. So it was just not. I I watched almost no football this entire season. I mean, not I'm ready for baseball season. I'm like announcing was highlight for me. I did see a little bit of that as I was flipping stations. And I heard Roach. And that was kinda cool. I guess even Howard Howard Stern talked about him this morning on his show. And I'm trying to audio for for Roach. Yeah. That's cool. To be excited for both teams. Yeah. That's the Los Angeles. Rams. I. That's a New England Patriots. I yeah. But that's cheering for both teams. Which is the patriots have the foghorn that they play because. The Rams don't have anything. So last year Philadelphia the same deal but Philly had like an eagle. They have that and a foghorn this you only had a foghorn. And there was eighty percent patriots fans of the actual fans. Probably ninety percent of that actual fans not counting corporate types right anyway. Now, it's time for the most exciting segment on the radio. Of the day..

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