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To give them hell and they give us a call back and they're seeing results by our love and we're seeing results from their. I love sharing Different screen shots of people who are messaging them saying that they heard about them through. Also I think that's really cool So be sure to check those guys out that. ETF DOWN TO TO FIGHT FIRE volunteer firefighters podcast out of Canada next up is the New England fool. Northeastern fire summit March sixth through eighth. You heard the commercial that Rusty Ricker did just before we started the show here And please check out his information his websites please because this is a really really good event at least this one is. We'll be there. We'll have our table set up with Mike and all that stuff and we'll be doing interviews so march sixth through eighth in Wells Maine the northeastern fire summit put on by the New England fools and finally trading ideas as always. Please get on our website website. Please Click on the link for your training ideas mythos so that we can get everybody on board with a really really cool training stuff. So that's it quick announcements. Let's get into it because because we have a really good guest on today. His name is Tom Merrill And A he is a thirty seven year fire department of veteran. He's the host the professional volunteer fire department. PODCAST with fire engineering. If you haven't heard of that go on there and check that out. And as well as the author of the Professional Volunteer Fire Department articles articles series featured in fire engineering. Welcome to the show. Tom Thank you so much. I'm glad to be here since I've listened to a lot of your shows and it's nice to be invited needed to be on. I appreciate it. I mean we appreciate that. We appreciate the support so tell us a little bit about you and your history with the fire service. Well it's funny because just last last week I was reminded this to really what got me involved because last week was the forty eight th anniversary of the premier of emergency and an A- and I can date myself a little bit because I remember watching the original episodes on Saturday nights at eight o'clock and I was hooked. I was hooked in the really took an interest in my local fire department at the time and low and behold a few years later life got in the way and I kind of forgot about how much I love the fire service by watching emergency in one day and working at a supermarket in town. And I'm going to college and Guy Standing next next to me has one of those original Motorola ministers on his belt and I started asking what that wise and he's like. Oh that's a pager radio for fire calls. I'm a volunteer a firefighter and he looked at me and said why. Don't you join and I really hadn't given it thought because like I said life had gotten away going to college and do another things I said. What the heck so at nineteen years of age? I joined my local fire department in my hometown in Snyder New York which is just outside of Buffalo and Dan never knew the journey. It would lead me on and thirty seven years later. I've spent ten years as a captain. Fifteen years in the chief officer ranks. And now I'm what they call a fire commissioner We have five Commissioners Governor Department. It's like a political subdivision of the state of New York and that that was was like the natural progression for pass chiefs so I'm now in that role and that's been one heck of a ride and I loved every minute of it. I feel like a lot of people joined the fire service because of emergency like I hear that from so many more senior members that that show. It's almost like they need to get a new show out. You know to to inspire some new younger people to start joining the fight apartments to rest Chicago. Fire those those comments. By opinion there hasn't been show as in. My opinion is good as emergencies. There's there's too much dysfunction in some of the other shows. Actually we agree to drama too much dysfunction and emergency. That was it for me that really sparked the interest. Yeah so I watched that as a My mother couldn't get me to sit down and watch sesame street as a kid By the time I was a kid in the early eighties it was all on reruns. so Sesame Street was kind of a no go for me but once in a while by that time reruns were on of emergency and that she could get me to sit down and watch and for hours on end and obviously there was only ever one thing I was going to do but so I really didn't need emergency to steer me there here. But certainly I I can relate to watching emergency growing up as well fact somebody a funny story somebody wrote in my sixth Grade Yearbook. I still still have it. Someone When you sign yearbooks at the end of the year somebody wrote in my sixth Grade Yearbook I hope you become just lay johnny gage someday? uh-huh I still haven't followed by followed by a nice summer right in your class. So what's the tell us the premise of the professional volunteer fire department. And how you got that started because it's a it's a huge thing you've got going on it's full of value. I appreciate that I really do and again just like with my fire service journey. I never expected this to take off like it did so if you really WANNA. Here's the story. I'll be happy to share it with you please. Yeah so night apartment. We're fortunate in our area. Were very well financed very well. Run departments armaments and we enjoy a robust training budget and we're able to travel quite a bit for training and the big conference for us every year as FDIC we send send Ten members every year to FDIC nightmare fact Lakewood might have eleven this coming year but we attend her eleven and I would say fully eighty ninety percent of our procedures that we have learned in the decades that I've been in and even before I joined have been picked up at these conferences especially. FDIC WE CHARGER officers with. Hey we're GONNA pay your way you're going to have the best experience ever. You will put your button class every morning. You can do whatever you want at night but you will be in class and you will learn you will bring back. We charge them with coming back and putting on drills based on what they learn so I would go every year FDIC Z.. And we started running across Bobby Halton. Who for those? Who Don't know is the editor training director and FDIC? I see director and everyone knows. He's America's firefighter and Bobby halt and is a type of man who would never forget a face and every year he would. CBS and make small talk with us in go on his way will one year in our small talk. We've found out. His wife was from Buffalo. Holy Cow Rice from Buffalo Very small world so now we had a connection one day. I'm reading the newspaper at home and I see that his father in law. His wife's father passed away and I said to my wife. You know I'm going to run this week. You think he'd be mad and my wife looked at me. He Goes Tom who would ever be mad for a loved one's weight. Sure so I buzzed into the wake. In Bobby's there. He remembers me. We go off into the corner and funeral hall. What do we do as firefighters? We talk right exactly and we're at a funeral home at a wake for his father in law were talking shop says to me he says to me. Why does she write some articles? And I'm thinking I had just gotten out is chief. I was looking for something to do but this had never occurred to me and I looked Danamon. I said I was just a chief of my little volunteer fire department. What the heck am I going to write about? That would mean anything thing to anyone out there you know and he goes you give it some thought and you send me some articles and I'll be happy to see if I can get them published for you now at at the same time at the same time that this happened ny fire department for my outgoing banquet. You know how you do chief installation dinners by a last my last dinner. They flew in as a surprise to me chief. Johns Salka from the F. D. N. Y.. Because I was always I was always quoting quoting chief salt as I was going through the chief Franks. I was writing Reviewing articles he wrote and put them on the bulletin board so the Guy Thought it guys isn't Gail side. It'd be a great idea as surprise to me for my outgoing chiefs installation dinner to have him show up in Lloyd Day. Catch me off guard and that was that that was awesome. Yeah that was A. I'll never forget that and chief saga just like Bobby Hall said to me. He heard me give a speech at the at the conference at the installation banquet. And he goes you should. You should do some presentations. I liked again. I was a cheaper my little volunteer. Fire Department what am I gonNa do so I had these two fire service icons pushing me to do something in one day in one day as I thought about it for the next week or two one day. It just dawned on me about this whole professional volunteer idea so I started writing my premier article the Professional Volunteer Fire Department. Yeah got it published in fire engineering with the help of Chief Salkin and chief Halton and then I started thinking of other parts of the series and said would mind if I send a few more parts and they said no no no do it. It's up to thirty five parts now. Well Can well from Penn well who is a publishing in company that used to be in charge of fire engineering. They now have offered me a contract to write a book. The professional volunteer fire departments. While working on Eh. Yeah Wow. That's exciting that's a lot of it is and I'm actually way behind on it and I'm waiting for a phone call to say we're GONNA tear that contract But then as all this was going on chief Halton says put a presentation together based on your articles and again I'm like I have been going on. FDIC for years and as you well know that is the premier fire service event. No show. I'm like there is no way they're going to accept me to teach FDIC spot. I put the presentation together. Made a made a application. They accepted it and I figured this is great and I thought maybe one year and then the reviews would come. I'm in and that would be it. I wouldn't be invited back while. Happy to announce proud to announce. I'll be going for my seventh year in a row teaching professional volunteer park. That's interesting I'm Congratulations on that. Thank you thank you very happy and I know you guys have talked about going. FDIC about yourself. Yeah we had to go to get there. Let's now you'll never not wanNA miss it. When she go once we saw the podcasters and all the you know the Fire Service influencers that you have on on social media now? They're they're all out there last year and I was like oh I wanna be there laskey. What is cheap? Rick lasky caller. It's Disney it's the Disneyworld firefighting..

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