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On the attack. Boston SAR, Clark Jackson and minutes of the game. George text come back to the zone. Here's Boston straightaway. 14 20 to play in the game pass to the left quarters ricocheted off the foot. Of Alvarado, so it'll be a reset. Last sequence. Georgia Tech played main demand This time they came With their goofy 1312 threes old. It's really Affected the way Kentucky's played tonight. 17 Kentucky turnovers leading to 23. Georgia Tech points only four turnovers for the Yellow Jackets Tech with an eight point lead Kentucky with the ball Looks kind of like a 212 zone. Now Boston top of the key long threes, no good and the rebound to start of it. For Georgia Tech. He comes into front court kicks It left side. The parm in the corner. Here's DeVos three. No good. Long rebound, The Boston, Kentucky coming the other way. Austin slows up is he comes across the line gives it the Clark right corner. Two minutes wide open three Bull's eye out of the right corner. Nice ball movement. Vince was ready on the catch for the shot. That's got to continue to push it there behind that could continue to push the ball. Make Georgia Tech get back defensively and possibly make a mistake. Second three of the half five in the game for Kentucky 45 40, Georgia Tech started it dribbles into the lane can get a shot. This is at the farm. Back to start straightaway. Six seconds to shoot started in on the drive into the paint, whistle and the color reach in foul on ask you if it started and walked But ask you picks up his first in the team's second Ask You really struggling defensively here this afternoon. 45 40, Georgia Tech is they played in on the left side? Comes in the Alvarado guarded by men. So Alvarado at the top of the key, hands it off to devote devote dribbles over to the right elbow. 18 footer. No good off the back iron rebounded by right on the right base line goes under the basket. Throws it away. Mince with the steel right side. The Boston steps into a three no good off the right wing. Rebound, tapped a controlled by Devo. Why not attack the basket? Awfully quick and transition. Horrible right side turns down a three moves in kicks it back out to the start of it started and spins into the lane out the Parham now, Helen said three rims out. No good rebounded by minutes. It's two hand pass up in the front court to ask you in the left corner dribbles once throws it back to mince Kentucky with a chance to cut into a five point lead. 12 40 to play Jackson drives left of the lane floats out of it, and Who protects it from the charity stripe area off the bounce did not charge he took control that time offensively, very confident. Move there knew what he wanted to do. Scored it 45 42. Text. Lead is down to three was once 11 earlier in this half the vote in trouble with the right elbow. He's picked up his dribble shovels of pass out front, too, right? Moses right, now guarded by Jackson. Handed off the Alvarado drives into the right corner tries to go around men's runs over him. No, no, they call it a marquee. Yeah. It was an offensive foul. Kentucky starts walking the other way. We'll see here in a second again. We're watching on a TV monitors. We call this instead of being there on site to give you a little more accurate picture, but way do what we can John Mitts. So it stays with Georgia Tech, minced his first Kentucky's third Alvarado. When he puts that head down, he starts dribbling. He's gonna want to drive the ball to the basket. You gotta play miss such and try to take a charge Mints almost did that Kentucky Georgia Tech presented by Central Bank, the official Bank of UK Athletics tech Having trouble getting it in, they finally do the bubble, Parham. He dribbles all the way out front as we come down to the 12 minute, Mark Tech with a three point lead over Kentucky 45 42 Parham dribbles left hands it off to usher..

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