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I think it was ended up being just a an amazing week on forget It's overseas a person close to my heart. But how would you describe judy Style of captaining very much doing what you need to be able to get the best out player you know. She's not someone who you know shouts and screams you. She's very you know we'll put an arm around your shoulder Very caring Does whatever you need to do issues. Very inspiring She's got a very calming presence And again those weeks. She tries to make fun. Obviously the goal was to get through the grief and get through to the playoffs but ultimately it like united. Go out. there have funded what you need to do. And she knew gonna fight for her and give it our all So i think for me. It was just unite. Show study supportive and that was something that really helped me. A new mentioned officer. That was one of the type of expedient Other types of expedients. Did you have been the doubles players Let me see i. I was lucky enough to play fed cup multiple times Then the experience of playing the slams and kinda tended to be oversee. Now we have more girls who do play the doubles bot They tend to just kind of be me joss. We were the ones it we would kind of like the only doubles place. The new british doubles place tournament so That it was like getting used to that as well os- lucky enough to play commonwealth games as well so that you know i've had many experiences very grateful you can play cover. Stay games with joss. The that killed may won't come lawson. I finished full. So i didn't even get a context. Listeners ruined understand that bit joyce ray played for scotland eltish. Yeah it'd be called games and won a gold medal in the mixed doubles with colin fleming. So harnessed armenta that week. And i remember literally joss. I've never seen just play so well. She was on the believable. That we like anything she touched tend to go. Remember that fine. She was just know. Cnn that final. Apart from them winning was the bugs yeah in they were like flying hamsters of his unbelievable. Like i was almost this. Is a scottish. Terminating bulkin on the tv knows that they think joe's at one point swatted one away and it got stuck in her strings as a all. That's it yeah. It's a a an adopted. scott. Joe srey brilliant. Sure so funny that way. She was just like kaz. Jobs is just silent like chill. She doesn't think about anything like that. And then all of a sudden she is just like standing on the on the podium. And she's just won't come with golden you dislike. I couldn't happen to a better pass and and going back to the fed cup so you did you play on durant yes yet. So who was. The captaincy comparison had not competing people..

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