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Bartow two three four five six seven. Eight B White WG tribe. Here's a quick peek. At our supplement product product and book of the month for January. Yes I said. January twenty twenty at the end of the podcast spend a few minutes going into further detail. So we encourage you to listen to the end. The the supplement of the month for January twenty twenty is bone health plus simply said we have not found a more complete bone health formula on the market period to ten percent. Discount Code for the month is lower case feo any H E L T H. That's bone help. The product of the month for January is one calories take sugar forty nutrients Keel Vegan Paleo non GMO energy bids twenty percent off four ever using the code Byu wgn the and that's upper or lower case. The book of the month for January is stopped doing that S. H. T. and self sabotage and demand your life back by Gary. John Bishop heaping all the links discounts and special offers for the product supplement. Book will be listening to this show tonight tunes post on Social Media and on our website and weekly newsletter at www up beyond your wildest jeans dot com at the listen now everybody welcome back to beyond your wildest jeans podcast. I'm your co host today..

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