Indian Ford Fire Department, Birmingham, Chris discussed on AM with Michael Hart


Nude or cuddling together i south shades chris road is getting pretty slick due to some accumulating snow if you know the bridge they're indian ford uh thereby the indian board fire department they're saying that that is very slick uh they have requested san so that is a traffic alert for you from halina police department again that south shades crashed road uh there at the bridge next to the indian ford fire department so just some of the areas that we're starting to hear about when it comes to a road conditions again anniston roads are becoming impassable multiple reports of accidents there telladega city roads are all closed this morning ice on roadways and kowloon county are starting to book deteriorate uh as well as some interstate situations on interstate sixty five we have reports of multiple accidents there we have not been able to confirm which side of the interstate whether it's northbound or southbound but just no both sides there were being affected by this ice and snow situation it's mainly north of montgomery south of birmingham that we are trying to deal with chris rejoining us in studio now chris gets on the radio because chris brought breakfast meal sick full effort that would work you guys and increase we just found out that the he'll outside frozen over so chickfila may be also lunch today he'll thank you we're gonna thank chris for breakfast and lunch i got extra biscuit so i think we're good until about two or three o'clock today so were were set got because all the people that you ball biscuit four or not coming he answered not as we get extra ruins we're going to be urged to go in for you what time did you come in and did you have any problems while the wifi in my office was down and as an attorney it's kind of hard to do anything without the internet specially you're trying to file stuff but i figured you know what i gotta do the.

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