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And 45 powered by maximus. Moving people and technology forward. Two, Steve, dresner, what do you got for us Steve? Of course, on Thanksgiving Shana, what about some NFL football game two of three game schedule on Thanksgiving Day? Well, head to Dallas in the second quarter, just under 1140 to go in the first quarter, no score between the Giants and the cowboys. Now, what a thriller was in Detroit earlier today. The bills improving the record 8 and three, they came up with a late game winning field goal just seconds left to down the lines 20 to 25 Detroit unfortunately falling to four and 7 don't count Detroit out there still. A team got to keep an eye on. Tonight just after 8 o'clock will be 6 in four New England taking on into Minnesota. High school action from earlier today at the annual D.C. turkey bowl rolls to about wins their second straight title with a 26 to 18 victory over Dunbar. World Cup soccer action from today's Switzerland shutout camera room one nil. Uruguay and South Korea played to a nil nil Thai Portugal over Ghana three two and Brazil down Serbia to nil. College basketball election, a good one going on is 8th ranked duke heads are hands full in this second half they're currently ahead of Oregon state 47 to 45 locally on the women's side, good matchup though AU looking for their first victory of the year. Unfortunately, they do trail number 7 Notre-Dame 26 two 11 in the second quarter. Steve dresner, WTO sports

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