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We're back in our New York studio far away from the warmth and the beaches Hawaii. What are you talking about Charlie? I can still taste the salt in the Air Julia. So what is next? So I want to introduce Sam Crozier. She's a good friend of mine from college and the minute she heard I was doing the story. She was excited to show me the world of spam through her is. She actually grew up near Honolulu and she's part Japanese part native Hawaiian so for her spams popularity epitomizes that multicultural aspect of herself and of Hawaii. It's not really linked to any ethnic identity. It's not really linked to any racial identity. It just linked to Hawaii itself and she told me she has particularly strong memories of growing up eating spam in the form of Masugi. Which again is that seaweed wrapped rice ball topped with spam. You've kind of the Hawaii. Pb AND J. Lucky we kind of be the thing that people would bring in their lunchboxes. Everybody would have spam Lewis vs and your juice boxes and your apple in other words spam to be was just another food. Fuelling Sam's hopscotch games and trips across the monkey bars. Something she didn't really think twice about until she left Hawaii to go to boarding school in Massachusetts when she was thirteen. You know when you're in Hawaii and you're growing up with it it becomes like your meat and potatoes. You're just like Oh like what we have once you step away you're like oh my gosh like. I miss that. That was so good and I think that that is where it's become like Hawaii. Pride thing but she does not expect spam to stay. Hawaii's best kept secret forever after all she seen people on the mainland claim once overlooked Hawaii foods as their own. Before I mean. Just look at POCA bowls. Do you think that? Spend MISSISSIPPI. Is The hipster food tomorrow? I one hundred percent do like it's not even that hard of a flavor palate to understand. It's really just good once. You have a spouse to be like you like you get it. This was something that I'd been hearing throughout my reporting I needed to try it to really get it and I wasn't just a Masugi Newbie. I never actually tried spam at all so I asked Sam if we could take a trip to her kitchen. How much does it can't spam cost? Oh probably like a dollar to a paid five twenty nine for this. Wow New York New York city man there gentrifying fan. We started with making a marinade. Okay so we need a quarter cup. Boisture SAUCE OH QUARTER Cup. Soya sauce a half cup. Sugar a half cup sugar. Yeah Sugar and show you well yes sweeter than I realized free one. The sauce was ready. It was time to get spamming the moment of truth you do the honors Julia. Okay I guess Bam Cam it's pinker than I imagined. Yeah it's it's I feel like maybe the color of Baloney it's like uncooked bacon. Yeah but it's like it's already pre cooked. That's very confusing to me. It looks like this. It's like a pink gelatinous mound. Yeah I think it gets less mushy when you cook. It becomes a little bit like the sauce. Like caramelized little bit. Doubtless groundlessly then came the best part. Sam has this Masugi Mold. It's the exact shape of a slice of spam and once we'd cooked up some rice and egg we cut the egg into spam sized pieces. Put the mold on top of a piece of seaweed and pop. Tell the ingredients in. Oh it's so cute. I done all this research and reporting and thinking about spams history but spam the actual food had felt totally distant until I was face to face with it. Sam's kitchen in a way it was kind of like another tale of two spans I grew up knowing spam based entirely on what I'd heard about it to spam cats dogs and even though I'd never tasted it I had a really strong opinion. I didn't know what it was thought that it was probably gross and it was funny and I would never choose to eat it and that experience of knowing spam as this cultural icon is so different from how my friends Sam grew up. She brought spam on picnics eight at her grandma's house. She pulled it out of her lunchbox at school. It was time for me to get to know spam for what it really is not just what I'd heard about it. In other words it was time to eat. Honestly the flavor isn't even very strong of spam. Really Young I mean. There's so much in their egg. The rice it feels like really tacoma balanced meal in there and this is working but with like a sweet soy aftertaste. Do you like it go. Julia press is a producer at brought to you by. We're working on an exciting episode for April Fool's Day. And we want to hear from you. What are your favorite stories about brand name companies and pranks jokes? I'm old enough to remember. Crank calling people and asking do you have Prince Albert in a can even though I had no idea what Prince Albert was. Got Your own story. Share leaves a voicemail at six four six seven six eight four seven seven seven four. Send A voice memo recording to be t Y BE AT INSIDER DOT COM. This episode was reported and produced by Julia. Press with Sarah Wyman and me Charlie Hermit special thanks to make Ohio Shida Thomas Gabbara and Julia mates thanks also to Brian Olsen and Brian Lewis and Hormel Bill. Maas are sound engineer music from audio network. Casey Holford and John delory composed our theme. Our editor is Michaela. Bligh Sarah Wyman. Is Our show. Runner brought to you by production of insider audio..

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