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No it's willie willie about the way better wooller willie are you glad you got the answer to your question emma you pay for them i know you run the show over here so whatever you call me i'm fine with got it there is the gray willie mcginest have a good time with your friend maurice up they're going to be up there and he's picking exotics he's been right we're picking the jagr's is built right you know what i was proud somebody suggested the dfb listener suggested he started going by maurice jones new as he knew in foxborough that the chief we're going to win that game you've been write a lot this year has been lucky he also had his sons his his little boys throw snowballs at steelers fans last week at heinz field so beware willy watch your back won't be any snow to be a high forty five at the is that true it's going to be knives is going to be 51 at the filly games nice weather on these goals care for that i like it when it's ice cold out there but are it didn't matter the gray like i bring you a cookie and i and instead i get a bitter pill that's what i get in return nevertheless all the best have a great time with your uh with your pals up there see also about it's also i still think it's weird in the hall of fame are the patriots like the revolutionary soldiers that's who you representing and yet you wear the jacket you get is a red coat that weird lower lot the red coats the fly and elvis as mascot nuts i know where you get that red coats all part of the patriots you got it that's the other thing is old and tired theme as soon as brady retires you agree we go back to the pat patriot look right i love the pats the way ago that's the way they are we agree on a lot we go agree on ramsey on drought and pat patriot and i don't i we're also both bummed about the steelers not be up in foxborough this week i have a good time up their mcginest let's move along madam data.

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