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I'll tell you how that went right after this because L. A. needs to know that this is just the fabric this is baked in the cake these days KFI am six forty continuing live coverage of the writing including across Los Angeles and across the U. S. when we come back live everywhere on the on her radio out Michael should pay with the news but hearing looters and arsonists are spreading through LA defiance of a city wide curfew KFI Steve Gregory reports live from downtown in Michael just a few moments ago I saw police officers and police cruisers from Hermosa beach I saw them from Torrance and Hawthorne police departments this city is down a mutual aid that means officers from all departments all around the south land are coming together to help the LAPD manage this basic crisis in this curfew a lot of people are in defiance of this curfew as you've been seen throughout the night and hearing about from Chris and Carla and others that the officers are now spread so thin across this entire city if they're having to call in resources from other areas now what is happening few moments ago there are fires going on in the Fairfax district LA fire department is on scene of those fires but I am still position down here near the LAPD headquarters and just a few moments ago another squadron about seven or eight more Ellie PT cruisers just took off with lights and sirens on presumably to head over to another area where there are pockets of protesters I'm also told that the downtown area has started to subside a bit and looks like all the action still remains in the Fairfax district live from downtown LA Steve Gregory KFI news earlier police started arresting protesters in LA Fairfax district for failing to disperse officers have also posted up by the freeway entrances for time downtown make sure people don't block traffic on the freeways only four cop cars were set on fire today in the Fairfax area and more have been vandalized LA mayor Garcetti says the protesters aren't misplacing their outrage over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis all you take a deep breath keep focused on a man whose life is gone and not try to find enemies on our streets here in the city of angels the chief says the first time in two decades of the entire police force has been mobilized Steve Morris apparently he did speak earlier today with the mayor about extending that curfew for city wide it had been only in place for downtown LA that was quickly quashed and it was done at city wide along with LA Culver city Santa Monica Pasadena and west Hollywood have also enacted curfews for tonight's at the expire same time for LA's expiration of five thirty in the morning there were protesters walking through Beverly hills earlier today vandalizing some shop pro shop fronts the protesters were heard Sean chanting eat the rich store owners boarded up parts of rodeo drive Beverly hills has also enacted a curfew as has west Hollywood like Los Angeles has to keep apprised of the activity throughout the night we got to work still going on in Glen Helen on the fifteenth at south outside between at Glen Helen parkway in cedar Avenue the road is reduced to one lane for painting and it looks like it's a really slow through the work zone but the good news in the sense that once you pass that it said clear right continuing south and that's scheduled until twelve AM heading to industry sixty some before crossroads parkway eight car went down the right children bank meant and in south Philly new issue just popped up on the westbound side the one oh five just before the one ten there's a concept car stuck in the right lane can't find this guy helps get you there faster Soren prompt contractor licensed in forty seven seventy one this is Ken Goodrich and many retired after thirty years as a chief master sergeant then he came to work as a manager again it's time for us to talk about indoor air quality tell us about the equipment manning and how it works our system begins with the Merv sixteen filtration system that's hospital great right absolutely and then one day in the air passes through a cultural germicidal light has this technology been tested and proven you bet it has but let me finish sorry go ahead and give that old violet germicidal lights sufficient time to do its job our system uses a carbon filter to slow down the germs this sounds like serious technology manning because we do it the right way not the easy way I could have said it better myself my team has the system rates once told right now indoor air quality from gap the right way let the G. O. E. T. T. L. dot com the marine layer thickened Italy lows around sixty tonight tomorrow overcast high seventies at the coast eighties to around ninety inland partly cloudy Monday highs mostly in the seventies and eighties and we warm up a bit Tuesday and Wednesday inland highs will top out both days under partly cloudy skies all the way to the mid nineties sweetly local live from the K. five twenty four hour news from a Michael surprised if there's one thing the class of twenty twenty has learned to expect the unexpected so to help them on their journey I heart radio is launching commencement a new podcast featuring speeches from the biggest names commencement partnership with the.

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