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Through. Wait until we're a little bit closer to shore to open things up. The way we've been. Seeing some folks doing their personal lives would be great for themselves and for the community. The county is moving through opening vaccination appointments a week at a time instead of daily, so now you'll be able to plan for them. In Snohomish County, Ryan Harris Co mon is gun violence has risen significantly in our area since the start of the pandemic, with much of it concentrated in younger people and communities of color. Kane County Prosecutor Dan Satur Burg tells Come. Oh, it's a national issue, but it's one where they didn't anticipate such an increase when covert hit, Satur Berg says with such a stark increase and shooting deaths and injuries. It shouldn't be a comfort that the county isn't even in the 50. Most violent areas in the country does come down to the prevalence of guns and the willingness of people to use them for what sometimes seems like a very minimal provocation, Satur Berg says. By compiling the statistics, they can see where resource is and community intervention are needed to try to move young people away from violence. Something of money shift could be seen in the race for Seattle's mayor. Details from Cuomo's Bill O'Neill, Seattle Times is out with report that shows the leading candidates are worth anywhere from 0 to $15 million, in fact, most valued at less than a half million. Finalist in the last election were from multi millionaire households signing campaign contributions. The report Name's Andrew Grant, Houston, Bruce Harrell, Lorena Gonzalez, Colleen Echo Hawk Lance Randall and Justin Pharrell. As the top contenders. Harold tops the list with the Net value of $15 million. Barrels Network is also valued and more than a million Houston at the other end. Is it zero colonial Come ONA State Senator Joe Win, has announced his candidacy for King County Exec, A Democrat from West Seattle Win represents the 40 34th legislative district. Wins platform promises a new deal to address the systemic inequities that left too many people in King County so vulnerable before the cove it 19 pandemic, and Governor Jay Inslee says the federal government can't be alone and tackling climate change that we need to make does require all parts of our blessed community to be involved, not just the federal government. Remarks were part of the presentation from all in America. That's the group headed up by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Anjali is a co chair. White House leaders took part in the seminar. Cos. Times, 7 10 And from a Beacon plumbing sports desk right now down in Texas top of the seventh, and the Astros lead the Mariners two to nothing. Major league baseball players stepping up to the plate for covert 19 vaccinations. More from Cuomo's bill's words, now that anyone in the country 16 and older congest the shot about 70% of all MLB players on field staff and support personnel have been fully or partly vaccinated for novel coronavirus that, according to Commissioner Rob Manfred, Oh, good protocol. Restrictions in baseball will be relaxed a bit when 85% of Tier one personnel are vaccinated. The Seattle Mariners have move. Second Basement shed long to the 60 Day injured list. Still dealing with the Shin Stress fracture. The EMS pick up infielder Jack Mayfield off the L. A Angels waiver wire. Make sure that you know We get this many quality players and just create depth. Seattle manager Scott Service Essential quality is the 2 to 1 favorite and we'll start from the number 14 post for Saturday's running of the Kentucky Derby. The Triple Crown race returns to May 1st last year was held on Labor Day weekend because of the pandemic. The new Seattle cracking in the National Hockey League or coming to TNT..

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