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And so on it can have tremendous benefits but i think people are kind of misrepresenting thinking like if i really jack my stash thrown up This is going to be great and this is going to do all these amazing things for me. I'm going to be a monster in the gym. Getting monster in the bedroom. And you're going to be able to do all these miraculous things but it doesn't really work that way. Yeah absolutely so. There's actually not super strong correlation between testosterone level If you're natural endogenous producer and how that will translate to body composition or even athletic performance so It varies a lot individual now. Obviously if you're on history and there's a pretty strong correlation within the individuals you mind repeating that so you're mentioning amongst natural athletes. It was that right. Yeah so people will come in often and They'll come to america for hair loss prevention or hair and skin optimization and They may feel totally fine. And they might have a very low testosterone level like truly clinically hypo battle and no symptoms at all. It actually happens quite often. It's just We usually don't test those people Unless we're testing them for hair. Loss prevention you know. Try to try to prevent and ask some like dried syndrome. One of the biggest risks is a low free testosterone which is extremely easy tests pest for and most doctors would likely test for that four starting up an asteroid however some people come in and they think they have symptoms of low testosterone and Those patients who had the highest disaster and overseeing one guy had naturally as you said over fifty free casaus stroz judas. Total was almost fifteen hundred. Yeah and he came in with symptoms of low testosterone. So there's You know some correlation. But it's not a super strong correlation. What does a boost into stash ron. Do for somebody that You know is maybe getting older. Maybe there's just ostro and starting to go down. What are some of the positive benefits that you've seen happen. People a lot of positive benefits of testosterone especially if an aging male is truly. Hypo battle is ins them. Back the tools to take their life and improve their lifestyle to the they feel like they did when they were younger. That's a lot of guys say so They have the ability to have a healthy lifestyle to exercise. Like they did before sometimes when You know it's always a risk benefit discussion right. So if there's an aging mail that might have low testosterone perhaps their lifestyle and diet and genetic factors have not been optimal and they reach a point in their life where this australian replacement where exogenous ostra would be too dangerous and that's unfortunate because perhaps if they had addressed those pathologies earlier in their life then they would have been able to change their lifestyle perhaps take some meditations change their diet. And then that wouldn't the pathology wouldn't have happened. Can you explain that. A little bit further i. I don't know if i totally not getting this. But you said there would be a point. Where like actually taking exotic testosterone for an individual would be dangerous thing to do. What would cause that would be a dangerous thing to do for that type of person so known coronary artery. Disease is one of the kind of strict contra indications to Just ostro replacement so If someone has something like You know several stints in the past Known significant coronary artery disease. It's more dangerous and you might not want to start that patient on rt. Especially if they're not at a place if they're so conditioned perhaps they're not even a cardiac rehab candidate Which is the rehab that you do after you know. You're in the cardiovascular. Icu for a stint or bypass That person's not very good candidates to start on rt horrible one actually so That's an example of one thing but there's a lot of other risk factors as well so one cloth is risk factor if someone Is very adamant about hair. Loss prevention and likely prone to it if they're prone to prostate cancer or prostate issues at another one if they're prone or already have gynaecomastia worse than you the gun masta. That's another one liver disease Kidney disease and congestive heart failure so There's a lot of contra indications that the rt interestingly the american academy of family practice which is Organization one of the largest organization of family doctors mentioned They have a recommendation as well. Then i guess not too many not all family doctors know about the recommendation. But they want you to share decision-making especially if there's an ag male with low testosterone that also has low ito because the afc recognizes that are of quality of life is important enough to You know admit there's some risks but the benefits maybe more now also Curious about this.

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