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My inspiration. Cookies is the Michael Ealy character Is that right? No, I So you know what's interesting, man? It's money. It really is a Midwest thing with me, man. Because you know those eighties and nineties. Oh, genre pictures were just kind of like, prolific in my life and all of them, you know, fail attraction. Basic instinct, You know, body heat, you know, And then you going further back with Hitchcock would you know strangers on a train? It just kind of had that kinetic energy that I love and I'm used to and, you know, obviously, I get to a point as a filmmaker now where I can actually go make something like that. Um, I wanted to present face how and I couldn't think of a better person to do it with them. This beautiful woman is with me right now. Hillary Swank. And when I tell you, I know you know already, but she is incredible in this film, and I'm excited about it. Yeah, absolutely. Hillary. I was surprised that you had never really done one like this before. You've been in so many different genres of films. The idea, and so was I. I was like, when when Dionne said, you know, Can I sit down with you and talk to you about an idea? I was like, Yeah, great. First thing, he said, was like why haven't you done a film like this? It's a no brainer. And I was like, why haven't identified him like this in my 29 year career. And so that in itself was just like, Yeah, I'm gonna You know, I love the story. I love the twist. I love that kind of whodunit factor and also that these characters were all flawed and imperfect human beings just trying to find their way and that it's really just fun. It's fun, right? You know, and I just thought I haven't done that. Course I'm in. Yeah, and you know what else really struck me Hillary with this, As you know, during these crazy times that we're living in. It just completely took my mind off of everything else That's going on in the world. It's like great theater Almost like just so draws you into the story. Yeah, And that's why we've been talking about these people are like, how are you doing during this time? I'm like, Well, you know, like everyone else, it's hard. I mean, I don't have it is harder than most people, but I might have such empathy for those people and just nice to be a storyteller right now and be able to give people an outlet for a couple of hours to escape. Wonder how both of you are feeling about the future of the movies. Right now. In Chicago, the theater's air closed a lot of places around the country. The theater's air closed Dion, I know that you're You want to get people back out into the theater so much so that you said if person bought a ticket, you would give them a ticket..

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