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The show today Mike Simple VP was unavailable Jim Valley still recovering should be back very soon we'll give you an update as soon as we have one. But even though I'm flying solo I got a million things to talk about probably best in their snow other CO hosts 'cause I'm just going to be rambling on here for the next hour actually the next forty minutes because any final segment of the will be joined by Luke. Gallows. Or maybe. Sex Ferguson. Sure yet, that's coming up in the final segment of the show talking the talk shop Amini show fight dot. TV is coming Saturday night million things to get into I. Want to start with this here. Then we'll get all of the business after the break obviously terrible news British wrestling legend, Junior, heavyweight innovator mark rollerball Rocco has to wait sixty-nine. Old passing announced by all start wrestling who wrote, the rocket would been suffering for the past few months. It is with the greatest of sadness that we have to announce the passing of the one and only mark rollerball. Rocco. After suffering for the past few months, our thoughts go to his family and friends the original Black Tiger in Japan debuted for new Japan in nineteen eighty, two zero arrival of the original Tiger mask store. Yama. Whether you know him as the original Black Tiger rollerball or simply by his name Mark Rocco left an indelible imprint on our. Chris Hero tweeted at a tribute whether it's versus I Yama Fujinami Dynamite Marty Jones do yourself a favor and watch a match his two day rest in peace. Seem said, the sad news keeps coming very sad to see the passing of rollerball Rocco what are the innovators of the junior heavyweight style of wrestling that we love? So dear was wonderful Devon as a guest of honor at our first ever new Hala show or your call show any Quinlan tweeted the original Black Tiger Mentor for juicing lighter. On his UK excursion. Mark rollerball, Rocco's passed away lots of stuff up on William. Regal's twitter about this as well to check that out we gotta do break back in a moment muscling observer lie. The great thing about facts.

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