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To take even money when the dealer has showing this theorem of mine was blessed online on twitter by none other than basketball genius and noted mathematician d'oro maury general manager the houston rockets he said yes nobrainer take the even money when the a showing of you're getting paid six the five so there you go i felt good i it's not it's not every day that i come up with a mathematical theorem that gets blessed by mathematical genius fact it's every day that that doesn't happen but if they'll pretty good so i sell that to say it's good to be back in the saddle here let's get a phone number out there for you guys so you can interact with me tonight would love to hear from you because there are a number of things we need to get into on the show not the least of which is the houston rockets the aforementioned and their game last night against the boston celtics that i will get into at some point here in the first hour of the show let's give you a phone number shower eight five five two one two four cbs eight five five two one two four two two seven as the number to get in any number of topics on the board i'm going to talk about the nfl combine here in just a second i promise i'm not going to go through vertical leaps and benchpress numbers and things like that of more nuance discussion of the combine and some of the stories coming out of it kirk cousins is a huge topic that we can get into on the show tonight would love to hear from you guys just where you think he's going to go he's down to four finalists will get into that and i mentioned the nba rocket celtics last night kawhi leonard coming back kuwait leonard shoe deal being i guess a thing now um that we can get into it is also the oscars tonight and in.

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