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Viscera from the nave to the wilson ever really seen me angry will. I think you've seen me angry is. There's not i don't you can tell if i'm really pissed. Can't you know. I think rob's onto something here a really good point. I think that rob. I noted on the golf course you had to blow up hole and jason went kind of crazy for a second. No crazy means quiet. I think nine. We'll nasdaq. I'm getting older and the last cities leaving my my and my face browse just hanging over my eyeballs. A little bit. And i looked constantly peeved. Jewish you had because look at rob rob look so great. We went looking with that he just. He was just on the cover of men's health magazine which they must have lost my number. Because i did change numbers of well. I don't know anyway. The point is they went with rob month. Yeah he looks incredibly. No you get a lotta shit from your friends for it. But i heard the story about you. You yoyoing your weight yoyoing for this shooter. Something i look you do a show for fourteen years Coming up on fifteen. You've got to try and find new ways to get jason to watch. I'm waiting for you guys get a few episodes so i can really binge it. I'm going to send you a couple of things don't because i don't be nervous around you. I i like that where we have a comfortable relationship thing about. How rude is because because both u. n charlie sunny. He's friends with charlie to and he's done a couple of movies with charlie star still hasn't watched. Listen i've the few times. I've been a given the chance to direct. I hired people that. I've never seen active before by. Just get a sense. Yeah but i just. It doesn't matter to me like if you know you're right for the part you right for the part right near real loose current and you can't understand what you're saying it's all wait. Listen me i want to get to this. Because it's a great story. You shot a pilot with charlie and glenn howard for two hundred dollars. Is that shoe and was on your iphone. And the reason i think this is fascinating is because my sister tracy and wisconsin she gets approached a lot by some friends who have kids who always kinda wanna ask advice about how to break into. Show business right so intern. I get asked to answer that question on her behalf. As to what you accomplished which is pick up a camera your phone and just start fucking making shooting stuff and make sure it's great. Well does a good hang on before before. Rob andrew's at your sister tracy gets asked by people in the street how to break into show business. You have to stop the show. All the time to explain to her show biz. Talk asking her know. She has friends with kids who were like. Hey can you ask your brother. How what advice for them. And you're the perfect example with that is right which is like you took two hundred bucks and you shot a pilot. Is that true. It is but you asked if we shot it on an iphone. The show is so old that it is well before the iphones. Smartphones didn't even exist so this would have been two thousand four and best buy and i. I was working in a restaurant at the time. And i took out a credit card and i just bought a camera and then we just learned how to edit on our on our macbooks and and thankfully those but if listener the don't manage your expectations you guys are going into your fifteenth year on something you shot on a on a on a slow wednesday you went into a best. Buy a home video camera. Take my luck and shot at the at at the business. And i don't even want to start. You just bought a soccer team. Yes so you know. I i just god bless everybody with dreams and please pursue them but hold onto that restaurant job rob had when he shot it. Because that gives you that What is it will sexy indifference because he because he got a day job. you know. i don't believe. I don't believe that you wish everybody well. For where their dreams either. I wish them well. But i am the first one to say you know. There's something to be said for those. That don't need it and or or the those that don't you know people say well. You know the people that exceeded the people that they can't live without it the passion and i disagree. I think you have to have a little bit of indifference there. It's just like it's like high school radio going after the guy or the girl. If you kinda you know not playing hard to get by manipulating. But he kind of take it or leave it. It's very attractive so make sure there's something in your life that that keeps it Manager sounds like kinda great advice and also kind of terrible advice. Rob pilot you make the pilot for two hundred bucks. Go to best buy buy this thing you shoot. The pilot then went like how millions of people have shot. Shall we realized it wasn't good enough. So we shot it again then. We realized it wasn't good enough so we shouted again and we would just keep shooting it. Whenever people were available in our various apartments iterations of at one point. I had a different person playing the character that i wind up playing who then moved onto being a different character in the show and he didn't he wasn't able to reshoot it for the third time because his girlfriend was in town. It was like we were never thinking. We were making a tv show. We were just trying to make something fun and good and we just kept iterating because it wasn't good enough and then finally we thought it was good enough and then we thought well. This could be a tv show. But i thought if we're going to actually try and sell it. We should make a second one so that we can prove that a waiter can be a show runner. I think it was twenty five or twenty six at the time and so we wanted to make a second one to basically have this package that we could then take around town. And that's what we do and then did you. Did you walk it in or did you send it in. Or how did that work. no. I didn't trust people enough to send it in. I didn't think anybody would would go to to what actually watch it. So we went in. And i'll tell you this is how long ago was Even though dvd's did exist of course at the time they were When you burn them off of max they they. They just couldn't count on their own reliable so we had to transfer onto a vhs tape. So i had a vhs tape which we would take around over two days. I took it to. I dunno seven networks. We had offers from all of them except one fox fox fox just didn't get it fox. Big big fox's didn't get it at all they're all those people have long gone but you can name them your if you want to shame them. I definitely remember who they are. And that's just the part of the chip was we'll we'll cut it. I promise we promise a bet. You still got the tape right you. Must you still have the tape. Now you know they will degenerate really quickly. Those vhs tapes you have already we already transferred to digitally yes and now people are approaching us about nfc's now i understand what it is. I'm sure people of your generation do not young explained to me because he doesn't know what it is going to be listening but want you to address our our our carbon disaster. They're completely going to ruin this planet. So i i don't i won't buy nfc's well as i've had it explained to me over. The course of the last few weeks that is that is well. Look there's always gonna be people who who who who claim that. They are not destroying the environment the sake of commerce and maybe they quite possibly are however. Please explain to us. Oh it's going to be so boring and it's gonna be impossible to make it. Exciting non fungible token. Everybody knows okay. It's called a non fungible token and again i'm going to. I'm going to explain it as best. It was explained to me in the simplest terms. It is like you're explaining it to bateman natural. I always do like that so listener. What will.

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