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My weird mind immediately went to. I got to go to Tokyo someday and have sex in this bathroom. What? I've got to go to Tokyo someday and have sex in this bathroom. Well, lucky Aubrey because have have a nice trip because because what I'm saying is This works on so many levels. You know, like Bill those. I don't know what places these are. But you know how they say some hotel rooms like your hourly rate? No. Tell motels that have like mirrors on the ceiling. Right? Alright. An apartment. A mirror on the ceiling was there when I got there? Well, lucky your wife. Well, girl they together. It was like an Austin powers. It wasn't huge, was just like two panels. To be careful where you were, Uh, okay. But so there's already that you've already got the mirrors everywhere, right? If you're into that sort of thing, I'm just saying she got mirrors right now. You can bring somebody in there. Lock the door. They can't see. But You always have the psychological component of wondering, did the lock really trigger the mechanism which makes it non transparent? So you've always got that. Like what if they are seeing us? But they're not seeing you. But what if they are? So you have, like a little dirty thing thrown in there? Because of that, with exhibitionism, right? Potential potential, right? But then if you want to go full on Oh, I'm an exhibitionist. And I'm not saying I am. I'm not. But if you were Then he could go in. You could pretend that you thought you locked the door, but just leave it unlocked And you're in there. You still see your mirrors, But you know that anybody outside Khun See what you're doing. That my friends Is horning this at its best. Do you think highly, huh? That was your takeaway from the story. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I had nothing to do with the safety security. Your cleanliness. It was. That's a bathroom. You gotta have sex And this is a really look inside your mind. Just we're not. I don't want to talk about my mind. I want to know what you think of it. That would not thrill me. Let's put it that way. You wouldn't find a little exciting. You know, I'd be frightened but also also let's go back to the very beginning to remember how at night they have these lights like some is cast in a red light. Some is cast in an orange light that would do it for you. It's well, I'm saying it adds to kind of like the award. You got a guy and a girl in there, you're going at it. There's mirrored walls. It's it's lit in a funky color. It's like the red light district in Amsterdam or something. No, no. Nothing Thanks to something. I'm happy. You guys are happy. Wait, wait. You think I'm onto something? Oh, yeah. No. I can understand that. I probably wouldn't do it. I could see you. There you go. Thank you. What light do you think would be the sexiest? Thank you Probably read. I know that orange light Pretty cool. OK, orange, OK, orange or red? Then again, if it makes your skin look orange, and you think you're doing trump definitely way or could do it for someone is their king. Can we have to accept it?.

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