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Not good. And they. God that again, it's easy cover. How many times do you think Suzy kolber gets asked about that every day of her life? I'm just thinking I would ask her how how the hell did you keep like I did ask you did? She was I covered a Super Bowl and she was just hanging out by yourself. And I asked her that. And you're trying to be fine. I've always wanted to ask you this. How did you handle that? So well, you know, he's really give an explanation other than just, you know, you do what you do probably been asked at a thousand times. I wanted to punch me in the face like most women do, but that's. She's amazing. I couldn't have done it. All right. Pat, McAfee former colts punter now, a he's not a medium every just he does a bunch of stuff does. He's a media member. He doesn't morning show outstanding. Anyway. Oh. He would do he's off season as a punter of the colts. Yeah. Any offseason? He would do stand up comedy. He's good. He's funnier than hell. He's good. So anyway, they let them do. Packers lions I wanna play this. But while you're listening to this because you know, you have all the guys, and they're trying they're professionals is there, you know? Look, I love that. All right. But I think there's different styles for everybody. And everybody's trying to kind of figure out. Well, how can you get the younger demographic to listen to watch or to stay longer? Look. I'm just saying personality guys like this. It's not for everybody. But I think a lot of people would be a lot of people might like this area..

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