FBI, George Stephanopoulos, Donald Trump discussed on The John Batchelor Show


The other the other call a jitney expressed himself very well carter page was never an agent uh but he wasn't fbi informant and he helped put two russian spies to russian agents operating united states helped the fbi put them in jail and that's a fact and uh the other question was everybody keeps talking about carter page relationship with the trump campaign carter page said on the george stephanopoulos show um he's never spoken to trump in this entire life never spoke to him never texted him never emails him so how is one a uh part of the trump campaign or adviser and the trump campaign and never speech to donald trump well you can ask donald trump that because donald trump in march of twenty six team during the camp and uh spoke at a meeting where he introduced his top foreign policy advisers the first name he mentioned was carter page and the next person aim name was george pop it off boss is now of course pled guilty and was cooperating with the mower investigation and yet they have the same line about both of them oh trump did know them had nothing to do with them well we have you know we have photographs of them at a meeting together and you have an audio tape of donald trump saying carter page is so great guys one on my top advisers and to half the they're gonna have to sort that out because jr you know and you all the way you don't let let me just let me just addressed your first point because i i never heard what you what you claim until you just claimed that and so i've gone on here and uh found an article uh by kind of chuck ross question was carter page an undercover fbi informant and it says your carter page shoots down speculation that he ever worked undercover for the fbi page told the daily caller quote never did anything of that plurality so i think it's not true all right well eight six six five oh jimbo our number one eight six six 505 four six two six and that we have a number of things to talk with the john the booty about including the aforementioned the russia investigation and we also i will take a look at where we stand regarding a government shutdown uh.

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