Robert Costa, Donald Trump, Russia discussed on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams


Let us on that ominous note bring in our leadoff panel to start another busy monday night and the sixty second week of the trump presidency by the way robert costa national political reporter for the washington post moderator of washington week on pbs jeremy bash former chief of staff at cia and pentagon and mimi rocca former assistant us attorney for the southern district of new york these days a distinguished fellow in criminal justice at pace university school of law mr kosta you get to go first tonight what is the status as you know it of this president and his legal team his protests notwithstanding status of the legal team lonely you have jay secolo they're trying to run the outside team with regard to the russia probe tuykov on the inside working at the white house but his influence has been fading for weeks they keep searching for some high profile lawyer to join this team and we keep hearing about conflicts and that is true but based on my reporting tonight brian there's more this story so many of the major firms in this country whether it's in the midwest here in washington they do not want to take the political risk of being associated with president trump even if they're conservative in their political leanings they think it's too much at this moment to enter such a highly charged case and sometimes the phrase business conflicts can just mean that in their business and the business of a law firm it would not be a feather in their cap for this particular client at this time mimi talk us through what nicole wallace was saying there perhaps with an eye toward what she wasn't saying there what she couldn't say yet these two clients corallo who left donald trump who remains not being able to have the same lawyers so usually a lawyer cannot represent to clients if the client's interests are materially adverse basically she's the term divergent interests so what that means really is if one climb.

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