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Metal that you can sell go to treasure hunt jewelry. They pay top dollar. I don't care if it's broken jewelry, or sterling silver, flatware, or hollow ware. You have diamonds that you're not using anymore. Maybe you want to get a bigger diamond or maybe you just not into diamonds anymore. Take them into treasury on any size any shape and know some of their competitors won't price anything smaller than a carrot, but they will and they specialize in selling beautiful, vintage one of a kind pieces. And since their one of a kind, the inventories always changing and it's one hundred percent different at each of the treasure hunt locations, so check them out in del Ray there on Linden boulevard and federal highway at the del Ray place in Pompano on federal highway south of Copenhagen the heritage square and in the Palm Beach marketplace on oak Koby boulevard, just west of ninety five they've been in business for decades. For more information, go to the website, treasure hunt jewelry dot com and don't forget to tell them that choice sent you. On fifteen hundred star. Fifteen hundred vehicles Rico, Johnny are you ready? We gotta sell fifteen hundred vehicles and beat all sales records ready to beating AJ's record else. Mario Johnny does are professional drivers and it's drivers who win the original found fifteen hundred. Jimmy. Break records during the day. Shop over forty five hundred new dodge Chrysler, chief Rams at fields reason for Grand Cherokee from two point five grams. Fifteen twenty nine challengers from one eighty nine a month. And she gladiators. Florida's number one dealer before they thirty. Honey? I'm waving it all trades. Paying big bucks? A great idea, Rigo West Palm Fort Pierce. Sawgrass. Plus tax..

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