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Now at four 47 four 48. Graphic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks, good morning to rich under in the WTO PE traffic center. Good morning, dean, one of our listeners found late work zone inbound suitland parkways approach first Sterling headed toward I two 95 just squeezing by single file to write and it is very slow now getting into and through what's left of that works and so be careful. Now, if you're traveling on three 95 north, again, the delays building up as you cross the 14th street bridge headed into southwest works on extends from park police headquarters all the way around to a point just beyond the entrance to the third street tunnel again, single file left gets you by the exits to both may avenue and to go north in the third street tuned both closed as part of that work additionally, the on ramp from 7th street to go three 95 north also closed as part of that work at last check them around from the 9th street tunnel to go east on the freeway or three 95 north that remains open at this time. Now if you're traveling on I two 95 south, D.C. two 95 I should say I two 95 north D.C. two 95 south, better as of late. No issues in Maryland along to 70 south from Frederick down to the belly 95 in the Baltimore Washington Parkway free and clear. No issues on the beltway through Montgomery or prince George's counties. Again, over on the eastern shore, dealing with the crash involving the jackknife and overturned tractor trailer, for now it looks like they've got 50 westbound blocked against so you can either turn right or left at four O four to get around it, but be careful as you approach. On the westbound side, there's a little bit of a delay eastbound though the lanes are currently open. Some are dolphins in full swing and golf them is fully stocked to help all golfers live the game. Does it golf them enticing corner at golf Tom golf dot com

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