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Central banks are manipulating money so badly that things are starting to break. You know, you're starting to see cracks on the surface of all this debt. It's just a house of debt. Hi everybody, I'm Natalie brunell, thanks so much for checking out my show where I get to hear from the leading voices in Bitcoin, financial markets, political structures, philosophy and more. This podcast does not provide financial advice. It is for entertainment and educational purposes only. This show wouldn't be possible without support from my sponsors. First and foremost, swan Bitcoin. Swan is where I do all of my Bitcoin purchases and I dollar cost average every single day with the lowest fees in the space. And I love swan because it's a Bitcoin only company. Swan studios produces my new show hard money covering the biggest news in Bitcoin and the global economy. It's like an orange peeled version of CNBC, so make sure to check that out on YouTube for all the biggest headlines because we are not afraid to question the mainstream narrative. And swan is putting on the first and biggest West Coast Bitcoin only conference, specific Bitcoin. It'll be held November 10th and 11th in the LA area with prominent speakers like when Alden and Preston pish, I'm very excited to be the MC for the event alongside Peter McCormick and Stefan lavera. So if you want to get your ticket with 20% off, use the code HODL at Pacific Bitcoin dot com. All right, it's time for the

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