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Hey Friends what's going on? Welcome to the ASTRO hustle. I am Cory Allen. You are you and here we are together. In this moment of time, hopes if you're doing good today and that you're feeling all right, I've got a very special podcast here today. I just can't wait to share this with you. My guests on the show is Mark watts. Mark is a brilliant thinker, an audio archivist and the son of the great legendary writer Alan watts. In this beautiful podcast, Mark shares what he thinks the inroads are kind of the foundational aspects of his father's work, as well as tons of just great stories of growing up with them, traveling around with him, any shares the beautiful path of his own life and thinking and how his father helped influence that along the way. I know you're gonna love this episode. This podcast is sponsored by better help online therapy. Relationships take work. A lot of us will drop anything to help someone we care about. We'll go out of our way to treat other people well, but how often do we give ourselves the same treatment? Self care, taking care of you, making sure that you're feeling good and charged up in positive, is so important. And sometimes I can look like going to the gym, getting a haircut, whatever it might be, but other times it can look like getting therapy. So if you feel like something's interfering with your happiness, then I highly recommend talking to a therapist, at least once just to try it out and see how it feels to be. Better help is online therapy that offers videos, phone, and even live chat sessions with your therapist. So you don't have to see anyone on camera if you don't want to. It's much more affordable than in person therapy, and you can be matched with a therapist under 48 hours..

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