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Show was on AM 15 30 WC kg asshole Steve Arman and Cuttino Mobley. So what we get here on Saturdays? There are a lot of stories that happen. Maybe during the week that you did not hear about. Here's one of the stories you may not have heard about, and that was a division One council voted on Wednesday that the man's and women's college basketball season's could start November 20. With all right, which means and of course, when we think back of the shutdown that we had in this country in the sports world. One of the biggest things right off the bat was the basketball tournament. March Madness was canceled. Obviously, they can't have that again. I mean, billions of dollars generated, obviously about the CIA, a tournament so with everything that's going on right now, we got college football. We're looking here on a college football Saturday. Ah, variety games. By the way, Liberty fans. You're happy they're up 30 17. Over Western Kentucky. Reason. I'm not talking more about some of these college games is well, there just aren't many compelling games going on right now. Oakland State has taken a 10 7 lead over Tulsa 10 minutes to go in the game there. But what about college basketball? And if we get to March Would you play in a bubble? What? What would you do Because obviously we're getting a bubble situation for the Major League Baseball playoffs. They're going to figure out what's going to happen with the NFL on everything else. But Would you go that far? If you get to March Madness? Would you have the same 68 team field? Would you reduce the field? If we create a bubble? How exact is you've got to get in. You can't have another year without a champion. I will do the bubble. How many schools are we talking about? You going to do it in 64? 64 schools in a bubble. Listen, but you're talking about the bump Confessor there in school, you know, Listen, even if we're going online, and if you're gonna play on a Monday, Yeah, right. So it's only a certain amount of teams per city. Yeah. So after you leave that city, so if you lose, you're done If you win, you advance, by the way, Wait playing the same. Your ears senior at Rhode Island. You guys got to the elite eight. Were you in classes at that time? Yeah. How'd you deal with? That was great. What? What do you people might be curious because I know what I want. I want I want Teo. You have the quarter system there. Or semester system from the quarter system Instruction C quarter system that you had finals going on. Basically, at the time of the year. I remember this from college days. Yes, I know where we were We There was in my senior year. My freshman sophomore and junior. I want to go to summer school right every single time, So I kind of sped up my education. All right, So you got ahead of you so but then in my senior year Still like that's how I did. My classes will have only a certain amount of classes per week. All right, so you get to the sweet 16. And you're all excited. Obviously, we're going to go the sweet 16. But you got school to worry about. How did you deal with that? Because everyone's you did the whole team. Sit aside. You guys have similar classes or how or where you're a college only have, like 56 classes, right? I know that you have, like, two a day. Yeah, You're fine. You're fine. What is it? You study while you on the road? You study while you don't You worry. You're a little distracted by in the sweet 16 don't have two things to do. What are you talking about? How much studying? I forgot. You're of a different mentality. Your You were not a normal college. I don't your focus. You are Focus. I got to get through school. I got to get my education and I got to upgrade my basketball and I was not crazy stuff. That is just crazy about what's wrong with you. Where'd you get that? Unbelievable. 20 Everything. Yeah, I know that. Well, that's that's the normal. Actually, My guys are pretty pretty mellow for college guys out. There s o. We've got the MBA. Now heading into well, we're into the Western Conference finals Right now. Major League baseball. We're going to get a little baseball talk coming up in the next hour. John Paul morose He's going to join us. Believe it or not. The 60 game season will conclude a week from tomorrow and we take away a lot from this Major league baseball season, the outbreak for the Marlins and the Cardinals and how they survived that and how that's good news for football. In fact, we'll give much into our.

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