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That doesn't involve irradiating other stuff. So I don't recommend taking it on as a DIY project. Also, tritium itself is radioactive as a half life of about ten years. So tritium is while deteriorate is not radioactive tritium is fusion, reactors would probably have to rely upon deterioration tritium reactions which would create a helium, four atom and a neutron. Now, if we could manage duty duty reactions, just fusing to deteriorate atoms together Dowd be for the best because that would produce a helium, three isotope plus a neutron and the results would be preferable to the deteriorate tritium because deterioration occurs naturally unearth means we don't have to make it. We can actually harvest it from the oceans. If we wanted to plus do Tyrian isn't reactive, tritium is. And the reaction would. Yield more energy than a deterioration tritium reaction. But on the downside, the amount of energy we would need to initiate a deteriorate. Deteriorate reaction is so great that it is prohibitive right now in possibly always will be. We just don't have the capability of creating that helium four by the way consists of two protons and two neutrons. Helium three is nice Tope. The only has one neutron with those two protons. So where's the problem? We know what's happening with Uson, but why can't we make it a reliable react? Or why can't we make a fusion reactor right now that produces more energy than it requires to operate l. I, you have to create the conditions that allow fusion to happen in the first place. Fusing nuclei together means you have to overcome the repulsive force you encounter when you try to smush together to particles with the same charge and by repulsive. I don't mean they're disgusting. I mean they repel each other. Like if you take..

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