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But i just his use of the camera his stage in his blocking his his incredible ability to mount very complicated set pieces whether it's again the shootout the entity untouchables there's an amazing shootout equally the end of carlito's way there's just something that he can his his knack for putting a great visuals piece together is maybe not second to none was we talk martin cassese in the last point but he certainly spielberg he's pretty good isn't he read peyton reed don't get all but he's he's definitely up there top ten of diplomacy pace might be boring and go for the the problem seen in kerry can just amazing just so tense and so these your ability to do split screen and to have action sustained in split screen no other director really does that i can't even think because he's a big influence in at garage but i can't really think of many splitscreen moments in grind movies scott pilgrim spunk sculpture stuff in school program okay bush's up scripts bit screen is at the end of kerry where you can feel sympathy for he's very fake technical device i'm not sure that's his best use it nineties more love technique than he is so yeah anyway yeah he is very day today and he's colin today he is such cold is very cold filmmaker which is patterned personalities more he doesn't get to be hollywood blockbusters anymore he doesn't have a warm bonus body untouchables which but that's brought warmth is provided by mammoths writing think and he can't really doesn't redirected very well it's quite sentimental touch carlito's way is maybe his warmest film it's quite soulful really liked that character that's quite rare you know you watch something like body double we don't really want to that that guy tool ways good like humanity to humanity and the early the late sixties films as well greetings and high mommy listen to this human beings just so what changed the just fall in love technique.

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