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Packer, ABC News W. B S M News Headlines Congressman Joe Kennedy he was making a bid for Ed Markey seat in the U. S. Senate is expressing his support to relocate Noah's Northeast Fishery Science Center from Woods Hole to New Bedford, Kennedy said on W. B. S. M. Today, The move could mean 200 more federal jobs coming to the city. A 58 year old sandwich woman was killed Friday night when she was struck by a car on Route 25 eastbound and where She was transported to Toby Hospital and pronounced dead. The operator of the car remained at the scene. So far, no charges have been filed. West Nile virus has been detected in a mosquito in Massachusetts for the first time in 2020 the Department of Public Health said this week to mosquitoes collected on July 7th and Belmont tested positive for the virus. Clouds overnight. Low 72 tomorrow, turning partly sunny, high 82 very human. I'm Jim Phillips, W B s and news. Others Trouble yourself Room. It's time for the how a car show is absolutely essential that we get our kids back into classroom for in person learning. We want to reopen the schools. Everybody wanted the moms wanted. The dads wanted. The kids want it. It's time to do it. The president tweeted out this morning threatening schools nationwide that he'll try to cut funding if they refused to reopen on time. So we're very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the school. Open your schools in the fall low from the Matthews Brothers Studios. President Trump has mean clear and is backed by science, but it's important to get students back in school. I feel very strongly we need to do whatever we can to get the Children back to school. I want to make it very, very clear that the guidance that CDC Continues to put up for schools K through 12 and higher is intentional for reopening and keeping our school's open. What is not the intent of CDC guidelines. Is to be used as a rationale to keep schools closed. Those your captain, how a car. It's all about creating division. They literally say it on state TV. It's coming for you. Next Democratic cities are in chaos right now. Is this what you want from Joe Biden and they're taking down the statues and crime is rising right below my gosh, so bad. What do Democrats have to offer us failed experiments like Chop failed cities like Chicago, New York City where you've had for three weeks, many fold increase in shootings. This is what leftist policies have gotten us. Shame on unstoppable this guy's whole idea of America. America on its own. No lie down before you hurt yourself from swabs, hacks and Moon bats Bay where it's how a car State TV. Someone on CNN is calling somebody else. State TV If if ever there was a state TV If ever there was a semi official. They used to call it an Egyptian newspaper, the semiofficial whatever it was CNN and MSNBC or more than semi official they and so is The Washington Post. The New York Times their official organs or media outlets of the Deep State and CNN. Oh, my goodness. Calling Fox State TV. How ridiculous is that, incidentally, the name being proposed to change the Redskins to his warriors. Is there really a human the room of the Philadelphia Warriors before they were the 76 years they were the Warriors and, well, we looked up the the logo of the the old Philadelphia Warriors. That was Billy Cunningham and Wilt Chamberlain. Like they will cutting him because it was you and say Wilt Chamberlain. Hal Greer. Was they were they were good teams. But The warrior was an Indian. He Boris. He bears a startling resemblance. So I guess he's cease now, so he bore a startling resemblance. Chief Wahoo Who's also on the endangered species list out in Cleveland, by the way, But why do you need to call him the Warriors? You already have you used to have the Philadelphia Warriors in basketball. You now have the Golden State. Warriors. I mean, Is that there were so short of nicknames that we have to give him the name of the Warriors. Eight for four or 542 40 through the Braves, by the way, are hanging in there in the Atlanta Braves, formerly the Milwaukee Braves, formerly the Boston Braves. They're going to stick with their name their work there thinking about the Tomahawk chop. The Chicago Blackhawks are standing firm for the time being, Why, Why don't I think that may be the coming after rather Redskins because Snyder is a sort of a Republican or released more of a Republican than most of the Professional owners anyway, ate for 4 542 42 561 says what is Florida State? Have to say about that? You know, that's a good point. The Florida state seminal bears a startling resemblance to the Washington Redskin, If you if you check it out, check out the logo. Yeah. What is gonna happen to the Seminoles? I like the Seminoles. Like that. I like this. You know, I'm a UNC person, obviously, but I I like I like the logo. Time now for the chump line..

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