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The army navy and airforce football teams are all doing in saying fulltime and quit roberts is joining us to talk about that welcome aboard quit hey daddy good to be with you big we fought air force and army yeah it's a big week this week the last week army and navy were just took some time off to goof off right near phony air force had to get out there and play but they won big right they did danny i pay air force suited up against the colorado state ramp to end we're able to prevail uh forty five to twenty eight in fort collins colorado in worth mimic quarterback through a fifty six shark touchdown pass early in the fourth quarter and papenburg outscore quite uh as air forces rushing a pack kept colorado spates highpowered offense grounded and a 45 to twenty eight a win over the colorado state ramp uh in fort collins colorado airports opened the scoring uh but colorado state care back in an tied it up and went ahead fourteen the seven at the half however air force had taken the lead whipping shaquille for rain thirty yard pick fake interception were confort touchdown uh as air force went up twenty eight twenty one after half moving into the third our quarter both teams it added on my bed air force was able to uh get a field goal colorado state of touchdown going into the fourth quarter it was tight thirty one to twenty eight but ben ryan ref it caught that 56 sharp path from area worth men uh and then workman added on another kutcher style with three minutes left to go in a game for the final score 45 28 uh a good way unfair forest when we look at it they dominate at the time of possession forty one minutes to thirty eight in a out two gamed uh colorado state four hundred seventy seven yards 435 but i always talk about the turnover steady and colorado state committed three air force want to air force one the colonel were game and the total total law fan in terms of the stats and where they were able to prevail uh 45 to 28 you know it's about time serves academy team won by more than three or four points so air force leading the way on that two out a good point then he estimates anti.

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